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Jan 5, 2009 04:52 PM

Sauce for Steamed Vegetables?

I've recently gotten a little metal steamer and I'm running out of ideas for sauces for various veggies. I've made a nice sauce out of peanut butter, oil, and red pepper flakes for green beans. For cauliflower I've added some parmesan cheese and olive oil. But other then a squeeze of you have any other great combinations I could try? Thank you!

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  1. This isn't the MOST exciting, but lime butter (melted butter mixed with lime juice and salt) is good on broccoli. Or lemon butter!

    There's always a tasty vinaigrette as well - your favorite combo of garlic/shallots/lemon/vinegar/olive oil/you get the picture. Or green goddess dressing.

    You can also think asian, with some sesame oil/soy sauce based dressing.

    1. I recall not too long ago, there was a strong contingent praising the wonderful taste of soy sauce and butter mixed together on Asian Vegetables and rice. I also find Oyster Flavored sauce works well on Green vegetables like Chinese Broccoli/Gai Lan and Mustard Greens..

      When I sautee zucchini or green beans, I like to use garlic and burst either cherry or grape tomatoes for a mix and finish with a drizzle of Olive oil .....or simply roast them all together in the oven.

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        fourunder, try some chopped fresh thyme and a splash of sherry vinegar with the tomatoes & zucchini - it's one of my favorites.

      2. My husband does a dish where he steams brussel sprouts and then makes a tasty vinaigrette with red wine vinegar, oregano, a touch of olive oil, and sea salt. I disliked brussel sprouts until I met this dish.

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          This combo is good on broccoli too. You can switch the red wine vinegar for tarragon vinegar and black pepper.

          I also like lemon juice, cumin, salt, dried mint, and a bit of olive oil

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            I use just about any variety of salad dressing, bottled or homemade, on vegetables - half a tablespon stirred into a one-cup serving is enough.

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              I tried this with equal parts olive oil and and Spanish sherry vinegar, sea salt and Italian oregano. Delicious! Thank you!

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                Wow, that is making my mouth water. Here's the problem though, I am new to cooking and really need the exact measurements that you use to make this delicious sounding sauce for steamed vegetables. Please if you have it, I would be very appreciative. Thank You,

              2. Have you tried compound butters? You can keep slices of butter in the freezer to toss in for instant flavor... one of my favorites is red wine - shallot butter.

                1. My parents always put the same thing on their steamed veggies every time and I still do it too, because that's just the way you eat them!
                  Carrots - butter and brown sugar
                  Broccoli - butter and parmesan cheese
                  Cauliflower - butter and cheddar cheese
                  Green beans - butter and pepper

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                    While it is true that veggies make a great delivery system for butter, the butter tastes better without the veggies.