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Jan 5, 2009 04:37 PM

Wine Cellar Advice

Hello. I currently have both 60 bottle Haier and 16 bottle WE wine cooler units that have served me well for the past few years. With some of the recent sales along with my growing collection, I am looking into purchasing a bigger wine cellar and was hoping to get some good advice from my fellow chowhounders. I am interested in the Eurocave 260 Wine Cellar versus 2 of the Avanti 166 / Vinotemp 188 Wine Cellars. These cellars will be displayed in my living room. Any thoughts of a dedicated wine cellar room went out the door with the recent birth of my 4th kid. I've seen my modest collection fluctuate from a dozen bottles to over a hundred bottles while keeping my hands off a few though there is much faster consumption than collection. Any thoughts from previous owners? TIA !

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  1. I've had a 220 bottle Vinotemp unit for almost 10 years and never had a problem with it. From what I recall it is considerably less money than a Eurocave. Ours is a custom stain to match another piece of furniture in our home and has a beveled glass door (be careful with placement if you do this as light is not great for wine) and a decorative crown moulding top piece. You can order it with different rack configurations to accommodate champagne and pinot bottles. The only negative I've found is that the racking is part metal and tends to tear up the labels if you're not really careful.

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