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Jan 5, 2009 04:35 PM

Sports bar in Berkshires?

Hey all. I'm going to be near the Berkshires in 2 weeks and want to watch the NFL playoff games. Looking for a sports bar with good pub food, but just as importantly, big screen HDTV's (or at least decent sized). I am not too familiar with the area. I was at the Locker Room in Lee once before and found the food okay, but I don't remember is they had big tv's. Any/all suggestions welcome.

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  1. Don't know the vital statistics, but there's a brand new (3 months?) sports bar with pub food on Route 7 in Lenox, Halpin's Pub and Grub. There's always a lot of cars parked outside, so they must be doing something right.

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      Halpin's is a great place to watch the game, have a beer and play a game of pool. They've also got Keno (big draw for my fiance). My friends and I went there last night for a bite and some pool. The service was good and they were accomodating, setting up a large table and being patient while we filtered in, visited and chatted before sitting down. The food is mediocre . . . would recommend the salads, wraps, burgers (usually overcooked though) and nahcos. I didn't care for their pizza or wings. I really hope this place makes it as it is right around the corner from me and there aren't many places to play pool these days.

    2. The Sportsmen's Bar and Grille across the street from the Mobil station in Lee is where I hang out for good food in a local,friendly, pub atmosphere.
      The pub food,especially the burgers,were excellent and every table was occupied from the time our gang(all 4 of us) got there until the time we left the place.
      They have several large-screen TV's there that are decent-sized buy not enormous.
      Lots of whooping and chatter during football games and basketball games also.
      We went to this place last week for the first time ever and the locals treated me and the guys i went with like we lived in town forever ;my kind of pub!!!

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        I like the burgers at the Underground- a pub that is part of the Crowne Plaza in Pittsfield. The beer on tap is good and there are plenty of tvs to watch the game.