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Jan 5, 2009 04:04 PM

Middle Eastern Food outside of Stamford

from Port Chester to Bridgeport, Help please, great hummus been to Lalya, Myrna's want something new and great. Anyone been to EOS in Stamford (Greek)? Thanks and of course must be clean.

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  1. I love the food at Falafel Inn at 333 Westport Ave. Norwalk. Found it to be the best ME place in the area. Regularly travel up from Greenwich for a $4 Falafel Pita passing all the places you mentioned. Has been discussed extensively here.

    1. This is a bit out of your bounds, but Hanna's in Danbury is good. Authentic food and the portions are pretty generous. There is a small store next door owned by the same people (it started out as a store many years ago...) and you can pick up many Middle Eastern spices and foodstuffs there.

      1. There are some places in Bridgeport but I don't think you would like them.

        If you were willing to drive 20 minutes farther to Waterbury there is a Turkish place that has been getting some love from chowhound.

        Anatolia Restaurant - 586 Plank Road - Waterbury