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Jan 5, 2009 04:03 PM

Costa Rica - rosti pollo & other eats?

On a trip about 5 years ago, a colleague who lived there took us to a chain specializing in spit-roasted chicken - it might've been a chain but it really hit the spot. I'm not sure if it was called Rosti Pollo or that's just a nickname based on their specialty. If you know what I'm talking about, can you give me locations? Or alternatives in San Jose for good roast chicken?

In San Jose, we'll be in the Av 5/Calle 40 area but spending time downtown. We're also willing to cab it.

Also looking for suggestions for home-made tasting, tico style restaurants in Manuel Antonio area, and in the Dominical or Uvita area.

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  1. yes that is the name rosti pollo and there is many, any taxi will be able to take you to the nearest one. dominical im not familiar with but manuel antonio i love. as for tico style places though im not to sure, usually go to el gran escape for wings and tuna sahimi, ask the locals.........