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Jan 5, 2009 03:55 PM

Where can I buy good pre-made Tom Yum paste/mix/powder?

When I was in Taipei, one of the things I loved was all the crazy hot pot places. My favorite hot pot restaurant was Thai-influenced and the broth you cooked in was basically spicy Tom Yum soup. I'd like to try whipping up something similar at home, but I'm too lazy to cook my own soup from scratch. I just don't want to buy a lot of galangal and kafir lime leaves that I'm not going to use much of.

In Ranch 99 and other Asian markets I have seen some Tom Yum paste/powders, but the one time I bought one it turned out pretty bad. Wondering if anyone has used any pre-made Tom Yum that was decent. I don't expect it to be comparable to the real stuff, just something decent that doesn't taste too off.

If I have to make a trip up to Thaitown to get it, I'll do that, but I'm hoping some of the Chinese/Vietnamese markets stock something that's servicable.


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    1. Can't speak to where in LA, but a really good brand is VV Foods. The Tom Yum base is called Canh Chua Thai. They tend to be expensive as they mostly come in 10 oz jars. But it lasts a long time.

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