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Jan 5, 2009 03:51 PM

Searching for pişmaniye (or other stringy halva) in the Bay Area

I've been searching for a specific type of halva - not the kind that's sold in blocks (which is the only kind I have been able to find), but the kind that comes in strands like cotton candy, and melts almost immediately in your mouth.

I've been to Haig's delicacies as well as some smaller halal shops around San Francisco, but haven't been able to find this (and the staff have no idea what I'm talking about when I try to describe it).

Some internet research tells me that it might be pişmaniye, a Turkish floss halva, but I could have sworn the version I had was made with tahini.

Any advice on where I might be able to find this elusive confection in the Bay Area (preferably San Francisco)? Thanks for your help!

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  1. I guess what you are looking for is really similar to Pashmak (Persian version) so you might want to try a Persian market.
    I know my dad always gets his sweets from some market in San Rafael (and I'm pretty sure he's bought Pashmak there too). I think it's Jasmine market ( ). You can also try the Norouz Bazaar markets in the South Bay ( ).

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      Thanks, that's very helpful! I'll check out some Persian markets this weekend - hopefully the San Francisco ones will bear some fruit!

    2. You could also try soan papadi, the Indian version, available at most Indian grocers. Best one is by Haldiram's.

      For Mid Eastern grocers In addition to Norouz, there are Aladdin Market in San Mateo & Rose Int'l Market in Mtn. View.
      Rose Mkt. - (650) 960-1900

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        Thanks for your response! I'll definitely be checking out some Middle Eastern grocers. I'll give the soan papdi a try, too!