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Jan 5, 2009 03:39 PM

Gastropubs in Seattle?

Hello Pacific NW Board! I will be visiting Seattle on business. I am a big fan of gastropub or gourmet pub fare. Any suggestions? I will probably be staying downtown, near 3rd Ave and Spring Street.

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  1. Quinns is an obvious choice.

    Quinn's Pub
    1001 E Pike St, Seattle, WA

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    1. re: blue2000

      I second Quinn's. Went there last night and was blown away by the creative, well executed menu. (And very affordable.) A great Chowhound destination--even in a snow storm.

        1. re: equinoise

          I'll second Spur. Good times, great place.

      1. re: blue2000

        I liked Quinn's pretty well, but my night there was not particularly memorable from a food perspective (maybe was an off night, only been that once) other than their really delish rarebit and pretzel. That said, it looks great and our service was excellent. If you do go, be sure to get the rarebit app.

      2. Hello! Because of Seattle's liquor laws, any bar that serves liquor (not just beer/wine) is required to offer a more or less full menu (I'm sure it's really more complicated than that, but anyway...). So, you'll actually find pretty good menus at many bars, and actually the whole bar / restaurant definition is pretty blurred here.

        Spur & Quinn's -- both mentioned already -- are self-consciously gastropubs. Personally I prefer Quinn's, Spur is good but kinda precious.

        But there are many other bars with great food. I like to go to Moe Bar and order either Pike Street Fish Fry (gourmet fish & chips) from next door or Via Tribunali (upscale pizza) from down the street. Downtown where you're staying, look at maybe Virginia Inn (1st/Virginia) or Purple (I think 4th/University-ish), and maybe Kushi-Bar for Japanese bar food (2nd at maybe Bell).

        1. I second Quinn's & Spur! Koshi Bar & Umi also have a lovely Japanese take on the concept.