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Jan 5, 2009 03:04 PM

patois review

we went there for dinner last saturday. it was fantastic.

it was very busy when we arrived, but after a short delay, spent at the bar w/ two of their specialty cocktails, we were seated. immediately we were served two freshly baked brioche rolls, which were simply perfect. for appetizers we had very good sweatbreads, and the most impressive seared foie gras i have ever had. it was large, flavorful, and also perfect. i next really enjoyed the crab salad w/ avocado, sweet potato crisps and citrus. she really enjoyed her pheasant salad special. for entrees i had duck breast w/ leg confit, which was very crisply and flavorful. she had braised short ribs, which she said were excellent. lastly, for dessert they we ordered a personal-sized banana cream pie, served w/ a refreshingly light toasted meringue (rather than traditional whipped cream) and seared banana slices. perfect.

on the 3 tenets then:

atmosphere - somewhat noisy bistro/brasserie styled space, simplified and slightly retro. nice.

food - spectacular.

service - very good, no complaints.

...a hearty recommendation.

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  1. I must disagree re: short ribs. Possibly the worst I've ever tasted. Runoff from accompanyments made an unremakable short rib sauce very watery. Gumbo and a "special" whole stuffed flounder fell short. Mussels were very good and the gnocchi was etheral.

    1. I had a really great experiance at Patois-I posted a while ago-basically the food was fantastice the service was good as a whole ie timing of food etc however our waitress left something to be desired I would definetly go back-the porkbelly salad was fantastic, the duck was great, I had scallops that were perfectly cooked, and I guess I went on a good night because the gnocchi was also very good I would say the second best in the city-the right consistency not mushy and the flavor was right on!

      1. Had dinner there Friday night. Scallop appetizer and pheasant breast and confit with a foie gras emulsion. My wife had the bouillabaisse. Outstanding. It exceeded our expectations.