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Jan 5, 2009 02:45 PM

Dinner in Concord, NH

I used to live in Concord 5+ years ago and found it to be pretty barren in terms of good food. Has anything changed? Will be passing through for dinner in a few weeks.

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  1. Concord's food scene is definitely improving, although th elunch options are still much better than dinner- Village Cucina, the expanded In a Pinch, and others on Main St are great lunch options. For dinner, the Granite bar and rest. in the Colonial Inn on Pleasant St. is lovely, with some excellent vegetarian options. And Hermanos on Storrs St, although not my favorite Mexican, is many people's fave. I do like the lounge rather than the regular dining room- there's good live jazz most nights.

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      Surprise, the Cat and the Fiddle has closed. A Japanese steak house is supposed to take its place in a few months. Owner of the Cat and Fiddle is retiring. It was never on our list of places to eat ... but it's another Concord icon gone. (Veano's was replaced by a Walgreens)
      We thought the pizza at Nonni's in the Holiday Inn was great. Nonni's is a local place that started in Hillsboro.
      If you want to travel, there's a new barbecue place in Boscawen not far from exit 17. Very casual place, mostly take-out but really good. The Smoke Shack.

    2. Angelina's was rated #1 in NH 2008 by the Union Leader. Granite is very good--contemporary American/fusion, the Japanese place in the mall has decent sushi and some interesting items--try the pickled octopus (tako su). Otherwise, many more options in Manchester, 17 minutes away.

      1. new in last 5 years isn't too much but we loved the Granite Room in the Centennial Inn. I've also heard good things about the Italian place in the Holiday Inn (??) right there on Main st./Loudon Rd intersection.

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          Nonni's I think is the name of the place in the Holiday Inn. Haven't been, but word on the street is that it's good.

        2. Still barren. Granite is consistently alright and sometimes pretty good, Hermanos and Angelina's are overpriced for what they are, Moritomo in the Shaw's plaza is ok for sushi, Nonni's (the "new" Italian place in the Holiday Inn) has decent pizza (woodfired) but the pasta's not special.

          I'd grab a snack at Butter's and keep on driving...

          Butter's Fine Food & Wine
          70 N Main St, Concord, NH 03301

          1. The Shaker Table, at the Canterbury Shaker Village, has excellent food with an emphasis on local sourcing. The Village is mostly closed during winter but the restaurant runs year-round.