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Jan 5, 2009 02:41 PM

SEA: Buying Mexican spices

Where in Seattle can I get Mexican spices such as the following:

Achiote Paste
Guajillo Peppers
Pasilla Peppers

(I'm planning to make tacos al pastor.)

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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  1. I'm anxiously awaiting responses as I have my family in Houston mail achiote paste to me!

    1. I live downtown so El Mercado Latino is my lifeline for this. It's in the Pike Place Market, just at the south end of Post Alley in the market (i.e. a few stalls north of Jack's Fish Spot).

      They have a website which oddly doesn't explain how to get to their stall:

      1. I believe some of the better stocked grocery stores have one or more of these--I think the last time I bought guajillos, it was at one of these (Whole Foods, Metropolitan, QFC in U Village--can't remember which). By now there are Mexican groceries in many different places around town in addition to the ones in Burien/White Center There is a carneceria across the street to the north from Pho Bac at the head of Rainier Ave. South. The last time I was there it had groceries as well. The mercado mentioned below in the Pike Place Market is good. Many of the SE Asian warehouses in the ID also carry Mexican groceries.

        1. If you are up north, La Consupo on greenwood at 85th has an amazing array of peppers for sale, bulk style. Down by me, if I'm not planning anything too intense, Carneceria Azteca at Jackson/14th/Rainier has lovely packaged stuff.

          1. Thank you for all of your suggestions. terrier, El Mercado Latino easily handled me 3 for 3!