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Jan 5, 2009 02:16 PM

Missing South America

I just returned to Brooklyn after spending a couple of months traveling around South America and really miss the food and wine! I fell in love with the Peruvian ceviche and many wonderful wines in Argentina and surprisingly, Uruguay! Can anyone recommend some restaurants that might help me get my food fix? I Just moved to the Prospect Heights/Park Slope area, but am willing to jump around the city. Muchas Gracias!

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  1. Azul, an Argentinian restaurant in the Lower east side is the best and owned by the folks at sucre in BA. the ones in queens use cheap cuts of meat and the others in Manhattan don't measure up except for azul's sister restaurant Industria Argentin in Tribeca.

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      Cool Thanks! How about Brooklyn? Any ideas? It seems like most "Latin" places I've been to (mainly Park Slope area) are just bland and boring. It'd be nice to find something in the neighborhood thats a little more inspired. In the meantime, I will check out your suggestions!

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        Have you tried Loz on Vanderbilt in Fort Greene - just s. of Myrtle Ave?
        Apart from Luz I recommend you cruise 5th Ave, especially s. of 38th Street in Sunset Parks- its mostly Mexican and Central American but you might find something to your taste. There are a number of Ecuadorean restaurants on 5th and also 4th in the area s. of 9th St.

        there are other latin places scattered through the borough, including the recently opened Brazilian BBQ on 5th Ave nr 67th St., but no other real concentration of Latino population other than Sunset Park. I was driving up New Utrecht Ave from Bath Beach/Bensonhurst last week and saw "Pollo" - a peruvian chicken place I think the low 70s. I dont know whether anyone else has noticed or tried this place.

    2. If you want your slice of South America, you should get over to Elmhurst, Corona, and Jackson Heights. The intersection of Corona/Junction has two Argentine steakhouses (Esquina Criolla, El Gauchito), an Argentine pizza/empanada joint (La Esquina), and an Argentine bakery (Rio de la Plata). There's also a Peruvian chicken joint there too. Going towards Elmhurst on Corona Ave, you'll find a few Peruvian places, including Chifa Union, a Peruvian Chinese place, as well as a couple more Peruvian restaurants. Among the other Mexican businesses and a mosque, you'll also find a few Colombian places. If you take a right near the LIRR tracks, you'll be on 43rd Ave, where you'll find El Arrayan, one of the handful of Chilean restaurants in NYC. If you follow Corona to its end to Broadway, you'll be near Parillada Mi Tio, the Uruguayan steakhouse across from the Queens Mall.

      If you're in Jackson Heights, like off the 82nd St station on the 7 train, you'll find any number of Ecuadorian and Colombian places on Roosevelt going toward Junction Blvd. And there's Buenos Aires bakery on Roosevelt under the 90th St/Elmhurst Ave station. Walk a block north to 37th Ave and you'll find other Ecuadorian and Peruvian restaurants, as well as Chivito d'Oro, the Uruguayan steakhouse. If you keep going towards Northern Blvd, around 85th-90th St, there are several notable Peruvian places like El Sol, Pio Pio, El Fino Anzuelo, Punto Fijo, among other places. There are more South American places in many pockets of Queens, but this ought to get you started.

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        That's great! Looks like I've got some adventuring to do!. I just heard about a place called Palo Santo on Union St. has anyone been there?

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          Palo Santo is quite good. It fuses a few latin cuisines including argentinian. It serves proper Mate, and the food is well prepared.

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            I definitely recommend checking out Palo Santo- it's one of my favorite places in Park Slope. The food is very good. Quirky ambiance, great service. The wine list includes wines from Argentina and Uruguay.

      2. Go to Jackson Heights and walk from 74th St as far as Corona. If you zig zag between Roosevelt and 37th that will cover literally everything you're looking for except MAYBE the Peruvian ceviche which requires a trip up to Northern Blvd or Jamaica Ave in Richmond Hill.

        1. I know how you feel- I also returned recently from Peru and have been missing the food/culture. In Park Slope there is Coco Roco. I've only had the rotisserie chicken from there, but it was good and cheap. The sides are hit and miss as they've gotten too soggy by the time they get to my apt. There is a newish place on 9th St (4th and 5th Ave) called Aji Lounge. One of the owners is Peruvian and the food is served tapas style.
          I've only been once- but what we had was delicious (papas rellenas, argentinean empanadas, causas). They also have ceviche on the menu, but I haven't tried it yet.