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Jan 5, 2009 02:03 PM

Houston - need Third Ward lunch - veg-friendly!

Hello Houston 'hounds...I am going to be working for one day in the Third Ward area. I need to find a lunch place around the University of Houston - looks like I will be traveling between Macgregor Park and Emancipation Park. My colleague is a vegetarian, but open to lots of different types of food. I would appreciate any and all suggestions, but particularly Asian - he does well at Vietnamese and Japanese and Thai places. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I'm really confused by the Givrals....I have read much love for their banh mi thit, and there appears to be one at 3509 Elgin - might fit the bill. Is this the renowned sandwich store? Do they have tofu or other veg-friendly options?

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      Givral's will have veg-friendly stuff. Same for Kanomwan Thai (not far from UH).

    2. Thanks for your recs, guys. We wound up running late and swerving at the sight of a Vietnamese place on Elgin, and I cannot remember its looked new-ish. I got a great steaming bowl of bun bo hue - very good rich complex broth, slickery noodles, tons of different beefy treats....only got to eat a few bites because of time constraints. Great summer rolls - the flavorful BBQ pork was great in them, and they had mint and another herb I couldn't put my finger on. Colleague got the tofu banh mi and devoured it with gusto - and I got a combo one for the ride home - that same flavorful pork, with a perfect crusty roll and the normal accoutrements - very good.