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Jan 5, 2009 01:50 PM

Breakfast in downtown Indianapolis

I am going to be in town on business for one week. There have been some helpful threads for good eats, but not some much for restaurants. I am looking for a quick breakfast place near the Canterbury Hotel or between there and Wynnedale.

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  1. Cafe Parachou has a downtown location in the bottom of the Simon building. Anyone concierge will probably direct you there if you asked. Patachou is one of the few "GO TO" places in Indy. It is remarkably consistent and well managed. Service is casual and pretty easy going. The downtown location is airy and pretty large. I rarely have to wait for a table there. One of your other options is Le Peep. This is a breakfast chain with many locations in Indianapolis. It's less pricey than Patachou and nowhere in the same category, but it has its place in the world of breakfasts in Indianapolis. Personally, I really like there version of Swedish pancakes (they call them King cakes) and their basic pancake and blueberry pancake are well above the average. You don't get real maple syrup but you don't pay for it either. The orange juice isn't "fresh squeezed" but it's much better than average. They have many dishes with the emphasis on eggs. The eggs always seem fresh but they are prepared in a fairly flavorless oil so I rarely order them. I have had them poached and aside from mopping the excess water from them they are pretty good. At Patachou your choices for eggs revolve solely around what omelette you desire or which fried egg sandwich you desire. There is also an Einstein Bagel on Illinois. Those are about your best options. I am sure all of the hotels have some sort of in house dining, but out of hotels these are options you have in town. You mentioned Wynnedale. You may want to consider completely foregoing a sit down breakfast and go by Long's Doughnuts on 16th Street in Speedway. Long's is a relic of the days when foundry workers and automotive industry workers crowded the doorway for deliciousness on their way to or from their shiftwork. That would be on your way to Wynnedale. The thing to get at Long's are the hot yeasty glazed in the morning. The chocolate frosted yeast, the cinnamon twists and the powdered sugar yeast are also nearly as sublime. I fear that the shortening is still hydrogenated but they are worth cardiac arrest and are an Indianapolis/Speedway treasure. Bon Appetite !!!

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    1. I could also suggest the red Eye Cafe on S Meridian by the railroad overpass/Union Station. Not elegant, but the food's ok and you can get a beer with your breakfast if so inclined.

      1. The Canary Cafe (621 Fort Wayne Ave) is a nice somewhat eclectic place for breakfast downtown as well. Small and independent it has been my first thought for breakfast in downtown Indy for years.

        Also try the City Cafe (443 N.Pennsylvania St.). I have never made it for breakfast, but I know the eggs are very fresh and the breakfast menu sounds fantastic. If the lunches are anything like the breakfasts, it might be the best hole in the wall in downtown Indy.

        Canary Cafe
        Indianapolis IN, Indianapolis, IN

        1. fyi---Sadly, Canary Cafe closed a while ago. Another option is Hoaglin to Go on Mass Avenue. Great selection of omelets, french toast, quiche, etc...