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Jan 5, 2009 01:47 PM

Kosher 'sausage'

Hi all,
I found on a previous post on this site a place in LA called Jeff's Gourmet that has several interesting sausages, including smoked chicken apple and chicken cilantro, among others. Anybody know of places in Brooklyn, Manhatten, even the 5 Towns, that has something like this? (We keep a strictly kosher home, so while I know this board isn't about what is kosher, we need a reliable hechsher).

Thanks all!

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  1. Neshama sells a decidedly more limited variety of sausages at retail markets -- some are turkey/chicken but they also have a decent glatt merguez sausage. Neshama's chicken/apple is very good as are most of thei other varieties. Their web site says they're available at King's, Wegman's and Whole Foods on the East Coast.

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      Neshama sausages are also available online:

      I pay $5.99 a package in Chicago, don't know if the East Coast or online vendors mark them up for shipping or because they can. There's ultimately a price point that makes them unattractive.

    2. Also, Griller's Pride out of Atlanta will ship you their delicious South African -style sausage but it will easily add at least a couple of dollars per pound just for shipping:

      1. I've seen the Neshama sausages at Brach's in Lawrence

        1. Nashama is good and you will probably find it near you - the last time I was at Heff's and they will ship frozen sausages -

          1. May not work geographically for you, but:

            Woodbury Kosher, in Hicksville (on the Plainview border - next door to Bagel Boss) has delicious homemade sausage. i've only had the hot kind. I assume it's beef, but haven't asked. I also don't know what other varieties they have -- I tried the hot sausage once and since then always need to have a package in my freezer.


            Woodbury Kosher Meats & Catering
            428 S Oyster Bay Rd, Hicksville, NY

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              Since the original poster specified that s/he needs a "reliable hechsher," I would just point out that the mashgiach listed on their website is not one that all agree is reliable.