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Jan 5, 2009 01:12 PM

Suggestions for Weekend in Boston

New Yorker here heading to Boston with 5 of my college girlfriends for a Bachelorette Weekend in April.

Looking for restaurant and nightlife suggestions - I'm thinking a somewhat casual and relatively inexpensive dinner on Friday night and then something a bit nicer for Saturday. A few of the the women in our party do not eat fish, so seafood-centric places are out.

And of course, after dinner drinks are on the schedule! Looking for fun places with 30ish crowd.

We are staying at the Nine Zero hotel but would be willing to travel a short distance if it's worth it.

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  1. Around the corner from your hotel is Marliave. Upstairs is pricey; downstairs is more reasonable, and there is a bar. You didn't say what your price range is, but a couple of blocks away is No. 9 Park, with terrific food and even better cocktails if you don't mind $19 apps and $39 entrees. It would also be worth taking a cab across Back Bay to Eastern Standard, a board favorite with good reason, and with more of the fun atmosphere you're looking for.