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Jan 5, 2009 01:04 PM

Scrapple or Boudain in Westchester/Ffld?

Hi Guys,

It's my first post, so please be gentle. I'm looking for two food items which will likely take me out of contention for being considered a "foodie" - scrapple and boudain. I realize most people (esp my SO) find the thought of these downright repulsive, but not me! Are there any places around where I can pick some up, or am I stuck with traveling to PA and down south? Thanks!

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  1. wow-- I don't know what Boudain is but I do know what scrapple is having gone to college in Philadelphia. I have got to say after 20 years living in Westchester I've never seen it; that seems like a really Philly-specific item. But good luck, I guess- I never developed a taste for it :)

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      "Boudin" is a local delicacy enjoyed in Louisiana. Calvin Trillin is a good source if you want to learn more about boudin fanatics.

    2. The Faith Middleton Show on CPR did a thing recently on the food schmooze about favorite remembered foods, and included a few who loved scrapple and Breton (sp?), a spread made of goose fat.

      I couldn't bring it up in a search, but their shows are all archived and this was just a week or two ago.

      1. Try calling:
        Ciccone Sausage Inc 180 Jefferson Ave, Mamaroneck, NY 10543, (914) 939-4222
        Picones Meat Specialties
        180 Jefferson Ave
        Mamaroneck, NY 10543 Map

        (914) 381-3002
        Right off of Mamaroneck, just past Hess station.

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          I don't eat the stuff (scrapple), but I'm pretty sure I've seen it in Shoprite (I believe it was Parks brand) in Croton.

          1. re: Marge

            153, I bet if you went to the Pork Store on Willett Portchester and asked them nicely to make you up some scrapple, they would be happy to do so. And I bet it would be delish!

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              I think a pork store unfamiliar with scrapple would have a hard time making it. Not a bad suggestion but it requires more then just grinding meat parts. There is a cooking process to it that I doubt they would want to get involved with.

        2. hey, no bad requests here. Welcome to the boards.

          I can't say I've seen scrapple (I first thought you were talking about Snapple!). But in reading the description, I remember having it in Lancaster, PA. An acquired taste I suppose!

          Now, while I haven't seen it, I also haven't been looking. I think the suggestion from Dolores to try the Pork Store is a good one, so long as you don't get put off by a possible bizarre look of befuddlement. And the ShopRite in Stamford does carry some pretty interesting stuff. I wonder if you can call and find out? (Though, thinking about that, calling might not yield much, since every time I'm in the store and ask a worker there where to find something they can never understand me... this isn't even for weird things. last week I asked where raisins where. They looked at me like I was speaking alien...)

          Anyhow, good luck with your scrapple pursuit. Be sure to report back whether or not you find it so we can all guide the next lost Pennsylvanian to a source. :)

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            your story about raisins reminded me of when on this past thanksgiving day, I remembered part-way to philadelphia that I left the cranberry sauce in the refrigerator. We stopped at Stew Leonards (where I've never been before) to pick up a bag of cranberries. How hard can that be? I asked three people; the first one (a teen) looked at me like you said, that I was speaking alien, the second one (sigh, another teen) said "by the ice cream" (huh?). Finally I asked a nice lady of about my age (let's say middle age) and she led me right to them.

            1. re: DGresh

              adamclyde and DGresh, imagine if you asked for craisins!

          2. I grew up eating scrapple (my dad's family is from PA) - I've occasionally seen the packaged stuff around here but my family usually makes its own. Sounds ridiculous, but it's not hard and that way you know what you are getting (since the packaged stuff usually contains some, well, let's just say unknown scraps). And it freezes well. It does require a strong stirring arm though (it's primarily a pork and cornmeal mush - to set well it needs some serious stirring) and a food processor. If you'd like the recipe let me know and I'll send it along. Good luck with the boudin - the only place I can think of asking would be Karl Ehmer's but they do more of the german sausages. I don't know if The Bayou (a Cajun place in Mt. Vernon) ever has it - I unfortunately haven't been there.