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Jan 5, 2009 01:00 PM

Fairfield County/Brisket for Texan friend?

Does anyone know where in lower Fairfield or nearby Westchester one would find a brisket for smoking, the way they sell them in Texas?

I have a friend who moved here, and is complaining that the only briskets he can find are the cleaned up, nearly fat free briskets you'd make corned beef out of, and not the full fat covered cut he's familiar with from back home. As a result, he can't really make a good, smoked Texas style brisket.

I checked with my guy at Shop Rite, where they have everything, and he says they don't get them, and can't even order them there. The guy's at Smokey Joe's on the Post Road get them, but from a few wholesale suppliers (Sysco, etc.), but they don't do retail.

Any hounds know of a source for the proper smokin' cut of brisket in the area?

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  1. I would think that Stew Leonards would have them or could order one for you. Or how about the meat market in Norwalk on Wall Street? Atlantic Meat Market I think?

    1. Give Scotts Corner Market in Pound Ridge and ask for the butcher


      They may be able to help you.

      1. I went through this a few years ago. None of the supermarkets (including Stew's) order full brisket. They only source and supply the first cut ("brisket flat" in Q terms). If you want the full brisket, you have to go to a specialty butcher, who can go straight to the meat markets or get their own sub-primal cuts that they butcher on site (which no groceries I'm aware of do any longer).

        I've gotten GREAT whole briskets at Crisfield's Meat Market on Purchase Street in Rye. I had to order (and be sure to tell them FULL brisket, with both the flat & the "point" attached. And make sure they don't trim it for you. The brisket will come in around 11-14 pounds and will have a good 3/4 to 1 inch fat cap across the whole top. It's beautiful. The great thing is after you trim it to the standard BBQ appropriate 1/4 inch fat cap, you've got a pound or two of raw beef fat left over that's great to cut and render to make tallow (amazing for savory pastries or frying french fries).

        I would also assume jfood's folks in Scott's Corner would be able to do the same. Again, just make sure they are getting the full untrimmed brisket (point and the flat cuts or 1st and 2nd cuts).

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          oops, here's their info:

          Crisfield's Market
          61 Purchase St, Rye, NY 10580

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            I also failed to mention that Sam's Clubs and Super Wal Marts often carry full brisket. Of course, I don't think we have any nearby. There is a Sam's Club in Tarrytown, I think. But that means a schlep all the way to the Tappanzee bridge, almost. Crisfields, or Scotts Corner Market might be closer bets.

        2. I think you need to go to/look for a real meat market. I use Jerry's, in Seymour, but that is not near where you are asking. Sorry.

          1. if you need it kosher, Richie at Syon Kosher Meat Market in Yonkers will get it for you, usually has one in stock uncut. the last one I purchased was over fifteen pounds. cut a third off and did not trim the fat; what a great piece of meat. took about 12 hours to smoke at 220 degrees (had to split in half at the nine hour mark since there is a large piece of fat between the two pieces)