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Jan 5, 2009 12:53 PM

Wall Street area near Century 21-need recs

I need some recommendations for a nice -not too noisy place for a business lunch. Not off the wall expensive but not inexpensive..any kind of food....thanks in advance chowhounders

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  1. I'll be honest...the pickings are sort of slim down here. Les Halles ia fairly solid choice (although not all of the food is amazing...but their moules mouclade and the merguez are both good). If you don't mind walking a little there are quite a few options down on Stone Street (Ulysses, Adrienne's Pizza Bar) as well.

    1. You can try the Libertine at the Gild Hall hotel by Gold street, it's 5 minutes from Century 21.

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        Sage Cafe for Thai food is near their. But it's a short walk to Tribeca or south st. seaport where there are more restaurants to choose from .

      2. a. there's a restaurant on the second floor of the Millenium Hilton, right next to C21. Have only used the restroom, never eaten there (I go to Ho Yip a lot, next to the BK adjacent to the WTC site, but that's a little, um, spartan for a business lunch).

        b. speaking of BK, across from that, adjacent to Zucotti Park, is that restaurant in the former bank space, with the huge vault doors...can't remember the name! It's under the Men's Warehouse, if that helps. Have eaten there, decent food, full bar, quieter than Les Halles.

        c. if you wander across the bridge to West Street, you can do the WFC options like the Grill Room (which would be quieter than Southwest or PJ Clarkes).

        1. The restaurant in the former bank vault is called Trinity, or Trinity Place. Great atmosphere, decent food. The entrance is on Liberty just east of Trinity Place and is easy to miss. Even when it's full you feel like you're in on a secret.