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Jan 5, 2009 12:26 PM

What to do with leftover croutons?

These are homemade, seasoned as well as plain.

Problem is they've turned a bit stale.

Any ideas?

Crush and use as a pseudo-panko crust for fish, or chicken fried steak?

Crush and mix with cheddar to use as a topping/crust for Mac N Cheese?

Dump it on soup.

Re-bake and call them "extra crunchy" croutons ...

All ideas welcomed.

I've got about 2.5 garbage bags worth of these croutons.

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  1. Meatloaf, oven fried chicken, stuffed mushrooms (stuffed anything really)

    1. Sounds like you already have quite a few good ideas. My vote is to go with the Mac N Cheese and enter it into my Mac And Cheese Off which starts tomorrow. Check out details at and let me know if you can put those breadcrumbs to good use!


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      1. re: GourmetGastronomer

        Croutons stale? How can you tell? (just kidding),

        But holey-moley -- 2 1/2 garbage bags full? That a lotta stale bread. I'd crush them and use them as bread crumbs .... you've got enough to make several different types so divide them into smaller quantities, and play with your seasonings. Oregano and thyme for meatballs, rosemary & lemon pepper for chicken piccata/parmesean, etc. If you mix up something that just doesnt taste right, you can toss it without feeling too guilty about wasting something you had such a surplus of in the first place.

        And of course, if you have a yard, they make great bird food. Its no wonder the squirrels in my neighborhood are so fat -- the backyard is a carbobuffet of stale bread, crackers and (yes) occasionally croutons.