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Jan 5, 2009 12:22 PM

Frank Brunch @ The AGO Review

My mother (mid 50s) and I (Mid 20s) happened to be in the area of the AGO this past Sunday. We decided that we would stop in and see if we could get a table at Frank.

Some initial confusion about if they were fully booked or if we would be able to have a table in about 20 minutes aside, the entire experience was great.

When you walk in the doors the bar and “lounge”, really more of a waiting area with a banquette and a single low table with 3 chairs, are to your right. We were not willing to wait to see if we could end up with a proper table but overheard that one could eat off the same restaurant menu in the “lounge”, which we decided to do. Our server/the bartender was awesome.

I chose the Moules frites, muscles and clams with French fries and mayo for dipping. The muscles were HUGE, seriously, almost the size of a timbit, and an ample portion, probably 12 or so, even though they were in the appetizers part of the menu. The clams were equal in number though obviously smaller in size. The frites were also super, crunchy and thinly sliced. The mayo was slightly lemony, which made a great accompaniment to the fries. This dish was, I believe $14 and worth every penny.

My mom had the “steak and eggs”, really brisket with caramelized mushrooms/onions and 2 fried eggs on top. This was also fantastic and great value for money, at, I think, $14 or so.

We were also served 6 pieces (3 varieties, a sour dough, a pumpernickel and something else I can’t remember) of bread with butter and salt in a side dish. The butter was room temperature for spreading, one of my biggest pet peeves is cold butter you can’t spread so this was encouraging!

We did not drink but they had a decent looking wine list with a fair selection at $4 a glass and with a soda coming to $2.50 this would not add significantly to the final total.

The total for 2 with soft drink, tax and tip came to less than $40. We walked away satisfied, if not stuffed full. I would definitely recommend this. I actually would recommend eating at the bar over eating in the actual restaurant if you are looking for a more casual brunch or lunch, they seemed a bit stuffy over on the restaurant side but that could have just been the hostess.

Overall a reasonable place to stop in for a great meal with great people watching as well. If you really want a table, call a few days in advance otherwise eat at the bar!

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  1. Thanks for the review! I was in the nabe on Sunday looking for a brunch spot and totally overlooked Frank. Ended up at Freshwood in Kensington, but will try Frank next time!

    1. Went about a month ago. I had the smoked trout potato hash that was OK. Nothing special. Others in our group had the soufflé and chicken pot pie, the former being just OK again and latter being very good. For dessert, we had the amann tarte and the upside-down cake. Both were pretty good. Wine list was limited to Ontario wines only. Yawn.

      1. Sounds tasty, but doesn't $14 for brisket and eggs seem pretty steep? I only say so because the cost of the main ingredients is so low.

        1. $14 for a portion of beef, sauced, and two fried eggs, in a costly lounge, and personally served, does not seem so bad. Sure you could do it at home for $5, but there is space, overhead, and cook's time to account for..

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              Factor in also the bread and the fact that it was an ample portion of we didn't have to wash the dishes...I just checked, the steak and eggs was 18$...which seems a wee bit steep thinking about it ahead of time but was definately good value for what we got!

          1. Wow, that's encouraging. Toronto Life just reviewed the place and totally trashed it; the reviewer ate there a number of times, tried most of the dishes, and only found 2 "acceptable" dishes; the rest of the food was apparently terrible. I had almost written the place off. Maybe they only do well for breakfast? Anyway, based on your experience I'm going to give it a try!