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Has anyone tried it yet? I want to go but I'm not sure if it's worth the money/wait.

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  1. They were doing a land office business on Friday and Saturday night after all of the recent publicity. I saw a lot of cars outside and people waiting on the sidewalk.

    I've gone there for drinks and some flatbread pizza at the bar. Not much to go on.

    1. I haven't been yet - Like you, waiting for the "new" to wear off. But DMN's Guide gave it a positive head nod.


      1. I ate there this week. Overall, I was very impressed. The biggest downside is the wait -- over 45 minutes for a weekday night. The placed was packed, but interestingly the crowd was much older than you find at most new restaurants.

        The tortilla soup is great -- it has a strong tomato base, but it has enough spice to make it interesting. The lobster fritters were ok--it was hard for the lobster taste to compete with the fried outside (I would not order these again). The ribs were good, but not the best in town. I would put them below Jaspers and Houstons, but above most other places. The salmon dish was tasty and I would order that again.

        The winner of the night was the mac and cheese and onion rings. Both were fantastic.

        For dessert, the ding dong was good but not memorable. It is basically a cupcake with white filling. I have read reviews that the ding dong was dry, but mine was not. In my opinion, if you are going to re-invent a classic (eg, Pappa Bros Moon Pie), then you should do it great. The ding dong was a nice dessert, but I would have simply called it a cupcake with creamy filling.

        The menu is very impressive and there are many things I still want to order. Top on my list is the burger -- from tables near us, it looked great.

        1. We waited two hours before finally getting a table. It would have been worth every minute of the wait just for the crab dip and meatballs.

          1. We haven't tried it, but I talked to someone the other day who works down the street from there and has gone multiple times and raved and raved and raved about the food. I kind of felt like it would be like 'The Porch' 2 but after hearing the raving, it is definitely on the list to try soon.

            1. My friends and I went for drinks and had a blast. The flatbread with apples and sausage and mac n cheese is all we ate but I'd go back and eat it again. Saw dishes on other tables that looked good. Love the decor very relaxed. TONS of cute men.

              1. Don't go. There are sufficiently enough decent restaurants in Dallas to waste your time or money here. I've been to both Lovers and Henderson locations and both times had marginal service, uninspired and not very good food, and paid too much. The bartenders at Lovers were good, and the interior has a nice feel, but avoid involvement with the kitchen or waitstaff.

                I went both times with a group and we sampled many dishes. Not one (including the crab dip mentioned above) was worth repeating, at any price.

                Hilariously, the bathroom walls are lines with repeat commendations from D magazine and Dallas Morning News making the case for being skeptical of any reviews read in either. I know how the advertising/"writing" in D magazine work$.

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                  Notwithstanding the dubious motivation behind specifically drudging up two very old threads to make disparaging remarks, your posts did serve to remind me that I haven't been to NHS in a while and that I've never tried the Preston/Royal location before. So last night (a Monday night coincidentally) saw me checking out the NHS at Preston/Royal for the first time. We went a little later in the evening and were seated immediately - there were only about 5 other tables occupied at that time. The large screen tv was even showing the Rangers game so I wasn't sure what was keeping the crowds away....but I figured it out a little while later when our food appeared. While the service is as friendly and attentive as the other locations, the food was substantially subpar. Everything was over-seasoned, over-done and underwhelming. If I had been blind-folded, I never would have guessed that I was in an NHS (although the chain playlist is still pretty kickass). I'd recommend avoiding this location. It doesn't do justice to chain brand, and definitely it's worth the money.

                2. I love it when people trash restaurants that have hour-long waits on Monday nights. It's like the Yogi Berra quote--"Nobody goes there anymore, it's too busy." Clearly, there are some people around the city who think the food is worth eating at the prices they are charging. Not sure what Mr. Rucker is doing replying to a two year old thread, anyway.