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Jan 5, 2009 12:09 PM

Truffle Oil- where to find?

Anyone know of a place i can get good truffle oil/paste (black.white) for not too much cash?

I dont mind spending extra,.. but dont want to get ripped off here-


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  1. Buon Italia inside the Chelsea Market has a good selection of truffle oils and gentler prices than most of the big-name gourmet shops.

    1. Quite easy to find. Buon Italia as a great rec. Also, fairway, citarella, zabar, gourmet garage, murrays, dean and deluca (probably pricy here).

        1. i picked some up last week at gourmet garage. got a bottle for about $10. they had some others that were a little pricier. put in mashed potatoes. yum. they also had truffle butter. i'm sure any upscale market would have it.

          1. I have tried quite a few truffle oil, and a lot of them (even the expensive ones with appealing packaging) tasted chemical and not something you would want. One of the best ones that I have tried and have been using is Urbani brand from Italy. It is more expensive than some other brands but the quality is better. It comes in small bottles so you can try first before you commit to a large bottle. I also like their porcini oil.

            They are widely available at most gourmet stores, and I have recently spotted them in D&D in Soho, Citarella, Buon Italia, and also available online.

            I have also tried another black truffle oil from Dean & Deluca that was very nice but it was out of stock for awhile.