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Jan 5, 2009 11:56 AM

What would you make if you could get your hands on anything from Whole Foods?

I've recently started a food blog ( and one of my friends who works for Whole Foods requested that I giver her and her husband a cooking class. I told her I'd be happy to in return for supplies from Whole Foods. Given such a carte blanche, do you guys have any suggestions for what to make? The husband is allergic to shellfish (bivalves and gastropods), and I'd prefer not to deep-fry stuff. Thanks!

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  1. Which Whole Foods? Your blog indicates Cambridge, Ma

    Whole Foods is good about using local suppliers. Which Whole Foods will your friends shop at?

    What are they looking for from you ... your Taiwanese expertise or your dessert know-how? What are their cooking skills?

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    1. re: rworange

      Thanks for the reply and sorry about the vagueness of my post.

      It would be one of the Whole Foods around the Boston area, not sure exactly which one....

      They pretty much told me I could do whatever I wanted, so I see this as my way of working with some ingredients I probably normally wouldn't have. So probably something non-Taiwanese and more using whatever's in season and local-ish. =)

      1. re: joyosity

        Are you doing the cooking now, or planning for the future? I'm trying to figure out what's in season in Boston right now. They had some sockeye salmon that looked really good at the WF near me but not local.

        1. re: chowser

          It would be in about 3 weeks....

    2. Out here in SoCal, what they do best is produce and seafood, closely followed by meats and poultry. I have to assume that this is pretty much their pattern elsewhere, since when we visited their newly-opened store in Nashville the only real differences were the kinds of produce - local - and that the fish were mostly from the Gulf. Another good thing they do is their dry foods in bulk: beans and peas and lentils, rice, grains and nuts (not to mention steel-cut oats for a fourth the price of the canned stuff!). I could see sourcing a complete meal from WF in any season of the year.