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Jan 5, 2009 11:42 AM

Looking for Hong Shao Ro (red cooked pork)!

Hi, I'm having a serious craving for homestyle chinese pork shoulder. I feel like I never see it on the menu at Chinese restaurants - does anyone know where I can order hong shao ro? Also known as Mao's red cooked pork. . .

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  1. 紅燒肉 (hong shao rou) is available -- and delicious -- at Giang Nan in Monterey Park.

    Giang Nan
    306 N Garfield Ave, Monterey Park, CA

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      Thank you so very much Das Ubergeek!!!!

    2. Agree with Giang Nan. Mei Long Village (301 Valley Blvd. in San Gabriel) also does a decent version.

      Many Japanese izakayas also serve buta kakuni, a Japanese version of this dish. It is a tad sweeter, but very good too. For this, try Raku Plus in Little Tokyo (Honda Plaza on 2nd St.).

      1. Also, I suspect more restaurants cook it than you would think, and sell it under a different English name (braised pork, etc.). You might want to copy and paste the Chinese characters (紅燒肉) into a document, blow up the size, and either scan the menus for it or ask if the kitchen can make it.

        Forgive me if I've made a bad assumption that you don't read Chinese. Most people on this board don't.

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          It is also called "beef stew" in other restaurants. There is no standard translation.