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Jan 5, 2009 11:27 AM

Salmon Candy

Can anyone recommend a good place to get this? I would like to get somewhere local in New Jersey but am also up for mail-order if it is quality. The price is pretty steep so I would like to do some checking on reputable places to get it from.

On a recent trip, I got some at a seafood store in San Fran Market and was blown away by the intense flavor and need to get my hands on some more.


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  1. You could try a place in the Westport,CT area called Fjord Fisheries.I am a seafood operator in Boston and knew his buyer quite well. I was told(never triedit) that his Indian Candy is quite popular. Best of luck, even though I'm a Sox fan !!!

    1. Are we talking about dry-smoked salmon here? Called "Squaw Candy" in Alaska? I did not know it was commercially available, but knew it only as a common snack among homesteaders and folks who did commercial fishing in season. I spent a weekend with some friends near Anchor Point, and along with salmon cakes and eggs for breakfast, salmon salad sandwiches for lunch, and salmon steaks for dinner, we had paper sacks full of home-smoked salmon chunks for between-meal snacks. For people with hardly any money, those folks did pretty well.

      1. whole foods carries it in the fresh fish case- salmon candy - $19.99/lb

        1. Is this what you are asking about????:
          Beer Garden Smoked Salmon Strips:

          Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon Strips:

          BeerGarden Smoked Salmon and Smoked Sockeye Strips:

          Smoked Salmon Jerky:

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            I think the Sea Bear one is close but the others look more like Salmon Jerky.

            Based on the cost, I also think that the Sea Bear might be what Im looking for. One of the most delicious things Ive ever eaten.

            1. re: yankeefan

              I have done business with SeaBear for years. If you have any questions be sure to give them a call. Their C/S personal are very good. And a few times I have even recieved a discount just by calling them.

            2. re: Jon1856

              A follow-up to my own posting ( ;>D )
              I bought some of the above for a large family event; in the past I have bought their dry smoked salmon and wanted to get something different.
              Well-this stuff went even faster than the dry smoked and family want more!
              I have funny feeling that SB get a few orders the next day....

            3. I just purchased mine at the Ferry Bldg Farmer's Market in S/F this past weekend. Cap'N Mike who sells at the market will ship anywhere in the US. He charges $54.95/lb and his packages come in small (under $20), med (around $35) and large ($70+). Check out his website at

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              1. re: cvhound

                Thanks. Prices are outrageous but I have to say, worth it.

                1. re: yankeefan

                  Some say better late than never. I found a smokehouse in Maine that makes killer salmon candy (along with other things). Had to try it. It's like what I had in Alaska. I stopped by their place after noticing them on this post. It's called Grindstone Neck, next to Acadia National Park. Try their lobster rolls too!

                  1. re: neptune1

                    Not far from Acadia is Sullivan Harbor Farms. They make some killer cold smoked salmon.