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Jan 5, 2009 11:10 AM

Clovis, NM, restaurants

Anyone got a handle on restaurants in Clovis? Since the Guadalajara Cafe closed, I'm at a loss. With Cannon Air Force Base located there, must be some decent places to eat. Help!

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  1. With the AF base there you might have some korean or philipino places, I don't care for mexican food north of Albuerquerque(sp), your pretty much in Biscut & Gravy and well done steak country. I kind of refer to it as the begining of the "Greater Midwest and Northern Plains CULINARY DISASTER AREA" Sorry, just my opinion.

    1. Clovis is an interesting town. I have driven through/stayed overnight many times driving back and forth from Santa Fe to Austin. It seems like its heyday had long past. Downtown looks like mainsteet USA from the fifties, but a lot of the buildings are abandoned, and kind of run down.
      One time I ate at BBQ place on the north end of town. Pretty mediocre, It seemed like a chain place. For breakfast I went to a small mexican place called espriga del oro. It was pretty good, and also affordable. All of the construction workers were there also, fueling up before a day at the job site.
      But my favorite place is a Hamburger/hot dog place called Twin Cronnies Drive Inn. It's nothing fancy, really a divey kind of drive up burger stand, but a good old fashioned type of road cuisine.
      Of course you'll find your typical American Highway Chain type places too. All I did was look in the phone book and drive around for a little while. Definately not a culinary mecca, but it might be possible to find a few diamonds in the rough.
      Good Luck and have fun. Salt