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Jan 5, 2009 10:41 AM

Lounge bar party help needed!

i'm planning a 25th birthday party for my brother. I'm looking for venues whereby we can drink, have a few nibblies/appetizers. I don't want a sit-down dinner, nor somewhere where we have to sit at tables. He's not into nightclubs so that won't work either. Any lounge bar or pub recommendations would be most appreciated! Anywhere in the city is suitable.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Laide @ Adelaide and Jarvis is very popular for birthdays and stagettes.. fun place very much a lounge.. no chairs in the place.. the food is tapas style nibbles or for parties they can do platters if you contact them ahead of time..

    1. There is a new place on York street just south of Richmond called Forte. They have a really nice bar area and an interesting menu for nibbles.


      And rather hard to read but here is the link to the bar menu:

      1. I really like the Charlotte Room on Charlotte near King and Spadina. They have great drinks, pool tables and nibbles -- I think there's a room you can book and you can also book tables. Very low key but fun!

        1. You are inquiring about a venue for a birthday party, I know of a NEW venue where some friends of mine went to to have their birthday there.

          The place is called Chic Chinoise Lounge, has a private party room away from the main resturant and its located Downtown toronto. Below you will see links leading you to more information about the place. Yeah they have tables but you can move them or they really don't get in your way.

          I really hope that things work out for you no matter where you end up going, I understand and respect the struggle of trying to find a good venue. Take Care!

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            I love this site, coz you can take a virtual tour before doing a site inspection.

            Happy Searching!!

          2. Local, or Trapezzi have both your requirements ...Local just opened recently on the danforth...