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Williams and Sonoma GC

I received a generous gift card to Williams and Sonoma this holiday season and I am having a hard time deciding what to buy with it. I have a very well stocked kitchen when it comes to utensils and cookware and I am a firm believer in the classics - not a huge fan of trendy or one use only items. I find W & S so overpriced that I never shop there so I am a little overwhelmed. If you had $200 to spend what would you buy?

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  1. If I had a Williams-Sonoma GC (there's no "and"), I would probably use it to replace old baking sheets or maybe invest in a few cookbooks I normally wouldn't buy, they have a nice selection in the store near me. Or maybe one or two good knives?

    1. I LOVE thier baking pans. The Goldtouch is really nice, so if I were you, I would invest in some new sheet pans, cookie trays and cake pans. They're really nice and will last you a while. If you don't like to bake, wine glasses are a nice investment and they have some lovely stemware - or a decanter, which could easily use up $200 there. Of course, if you truly don't want or need anything, a gift card is the easiest and most successful item to re-gift!

      1. All-Clad's Petite Braiser set we've used for everything--eggs, roasts, fritatas, steaks, pasta ($100) & their odd-sized measuring cups ($30), have been used on the stovetop for melting butter and warming milk. The Oxo stainless salad spinner was also useful for us ($50), particularly now that more of our produce is more dirt covered; the bowl actually makes a decent mixing bowl with the rubber-bottom, and can be used to serve salads or popcorn.

        I pick up my giant jar of Maille mustard there every year (was $8, but I believe is now $12).

        Glassware is also a nice option for yourself.

        If there's something you would like to try but haven't or have coveted but haven't yet gotten, here's your opportunity. Or let it sit for awhile--in your wallet--for when you're inspired or need a quick gift for someone else.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions. I am a pastry chef and a newlywed - the combo has resulted in a well stocked collection of cookware/bakeware/glassware etc. I think I may spread it around on some of those small ticket items I would never buy for myself - fancy hand soap/lotion, some exotic salts etc. Thanks!

          1. I got the cuisinart electric pressure cooker from there which had great reviews, it braises things and then you close the lid and pressure cook it. It's gorgeous and it was hard to find, glad WS had it, though I didn't like their customer service, it was quite rude.

            1. $200 at WS is pretty cool, they have some great sales if you are willing to wait but keep your eyes open. Here are some suggestions on the OP:

              $100 Shun Classic 6" Chef's Knive
              $60 All Clad brushed stainless steel 8" fry pan
              $50 Simplex Copper tea kettle, this goes on sale about twice a year, call the store to see what they are charging it is usually $115 this is probably in my top 5 kitchen pieces that I own.
              $50 Calphalon One nonstick grill pan
              $80 Boos edge grain maple cutting board 24" x 18"
              $6 you can always find the off season dish towels on sale, they are so much better than the ones I bought from Walmart
              $135 4 qt All Clad soup pot with ladle
              $100 Le Creuset 2 3/4 qt Dutch Oven

              Those were just some of the items I found scanning the WS catalog that came on Saturday. Enjoy the gift card!

              1. If you need anything from Pottery Barn, I believe you can also use your W&S gift certificate at Pottery Barn or Pottery Barn Kids.

                1. I would spend my money on some Pulivuyt serving items, which are classic and eternally useful.

                  1. Also, if you have a Williams-Sonoma outlet near you, you can use it there. Sometimes I find good bargains there. Once I found a 12 quart stockpot (the classic one, not the new disc version) that retailed for over $300 for about $100.

                    It's worth checking to see if you have one somewhere near you.

                    1. what a nice gift. you can use the card at Pottery barn, WS Home, and West Elm.

                      1. I got a very nice GC from PB and also have a well-stocked kitchen and like traditional things. I caught the copper pomme vapeur on sale and figured, WTH, I'd never plunk down the money for it but the GC was there and so I snagged it. I use it all the time and even though it does not do anything a 99 cent steam rack in a saucepan will do (except call to me to polish it!), it makes me happy and is pretty. I'd wander through the store or catalog and see if there is something you'd really like but would never buy without the GC. OR engage in some upgrading. Going from the jelly roll and bread pans du jour to the Chicago Metalworks professional pans has been a great investment. Don't buy something you'd probably get for yourself anyway. This way you will remember the giver each time you use whatever you decide upon.