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Jan 5, 2009 10:00 AM

Beef Back Ribs?

Does anyone know where I can get some good quality beef back ribs for smoking? St. Lawrence sells it for 1.99/lbs. I am looking for a butcher or grocery store either in North York/Woodbridge or Brampton.

Thanks in advance


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  1. Nortown Meats sells them, and if you call in advance they'll sell you whole slabs, perfect for smoking. They're way more than $1.99 a pound, though. Nortown has outlets at Bathurst/Centre, Bayview/York Mills and Bathurst/Eglinton.

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      That's wicked. I will check them out this weekend. Thanks for the info. 8-)

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        Nortown sells them for something like $4/lb. But you can buy them pre-marinated in BBQ sauce (not sure what kind Nortown uses, but it is pretty tasty).

        Witteveen's in St Larence sells great quality ribs for the price. They are not slabs, though - individually cut.

    2. Suprisingly, Food Basic's have beef ribs on sale ever few weeks in the winter months. I have been surprised to the quality. They come in a vaccum pack with most of the package being clear so you can see what you are getting.

      1. Charlie's Meats inside some No Frills locations usually has them as well. They are between $2-$2.50 per pound IIRC, they have them loose in the butcher's display case so you can look them over before you take 'em home.

        1. I head to Stuart Carroll for my beef ribs, good quality at $2.99/lb. We've made some damn good ribs on the grill with these. They don't always have it in stock so call ahead to see. They have a store in Brampton, plus they're set up at the York Farmers Market on Yonge just north of Clark in Thornhill on Thursdays to Saturdays.

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            Oriental Harvest (310 Spadina Ave) has beef ribs for $1.99 and flank for $2.99.