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Dec 28, 2008 01:06 PM

BSF and Charbroiled Burgers

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CTburgerlover: What do you think of BSF, since your name is CTburger lover? I thought it was not good at all? Where do you get a great CTburger from Greenwich to Darien not is not grey but has a charbroiled look and excellent quality burger?

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  1. I love BSF. Not sure where the grey came from, perhaps it had to do with the way it's cooked (griddled), though they do it the same way at my favorite place in Manhattan (Paul's Palace in the East Village) and I never looked twice at the color.

    Did you like the way it tasted, or could you not get past your perceived grey-ness?

    Charbroiled can be found at Rory's and Cherrystreet. Further afield I enjoy the charcoal-grilled burger at the Glenwood Drive-in, and have heard good things about Plan B in the Hartford area. Not sure how they cook it.

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    1. re: CTburgerlover

      Did not like it at all, tasteless and very colorless. I think it is great for kids with no palate for burgers and not wanting prime quality beef. If I am going to eat a burger which isn't that often it must matter as far as the quality. I think you get what you pay for. And what about the fact that the shakes are already made from a machine, I really thought with the simple menu it would be made to order from scratch. But I think any burger I have had isn't all grey it has some charred color to it.

      1. re: nbermas

        BSF burgers are cooked on a griddle therefore there wouldn't be any charred blackening on the outside. Also, it must have been a fluke that it was gray as they cook their burgers to medium rare so they are usually very pink in the middle.

        1. re: SMinFFC

          A griddle should make some other marks like a little charred look, I am done with this topic it wasn't my cup of tea and I won't be back for many reasons and there bathroom was dirty. That to me shows you how clean everthing else is.

          1. re: nbermas

            Hi there,

            Well, I've never been to the BSF bathroom but last I checked they did not prep the food in the john.

            The guy buys his meat from a top purveyor, so no one can question the quality of the product. I've been there at least 20-30 times and never had a bad burger, in fact I bought my staff BSF Gift Certificates as a X-Mas gift and they all were so excited!

      2. re: CTburgerlover

        Try the Black Duck in Westport - the burgers are pretty decent. Not as good as JG Melon in NYC, but what can you do?

        1. re: Phantom Foodie

          Hi there Phantom,

          JG Melon...yummmmm. Cottage fries....bloody bull....ahhhhh

          might be my favorite, right behind BSF, Donovan's in Queens, Paul's in the East Village, & Skinny Legs in St. John, USVI.

      3. Burgers on toast?! Done perfectly medium rare?! It doesn't get much better than that - Add a great shake and some fries and the personable Kory and you have a great meal - enjoy.

        1. the jfood had time to kill in g'wich and jfood convinced mrs jfood to go ove to BSF.

          jfood decided to try a double with gorg and mrs jfood a regular cheeseburger. fries and chocolate chake were also on the plate.

          Now the burgers were perfect and mrs jfood actually loved hers as well and she is not one to give praise to a burger. She said it was the best burger she has eaten since the jfoods moved to CT 13 years ago and it reminded her of the best burger either of them ate growing up, Don's in Short Hills NJ.

          For jfood the gorg was a little too heavy for the burger and he would not recommend that combination, but the burgers andthe toast were perfect, and he could drink those shakes all day.

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            1. While I haven't been there for awhile, I recently spoke to a food critic who once traveled 25,000 miles throughout the states in search of the best hamburger. He proclaimed BSF one of the best 20 he's ever tasted. So Cory's medium rarified burgers are in rarified territory!

              They get their meat from the same purveyor who supplies Melon and other top places in NY. And I have always found the room spotless, despite the crowds.

              I know there are some who question the enthusiastic reviews almost everyone who has posted give BSF and Cory.... but uninamity is not often found on these boards (with the possible exception of Peter Kelly's places). That's what makes for lively reading.