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Jan 5, 2009 09:52 AM

Bunny in Boston

The meat case at the newly renovated Stop n Shop at Wellington Circle had a LOAD of whole rabbits today -- they looked really good. I love to make lapin a la moutarde in the winter but at $4.99/lb they aren't as cheap as they should be (I mean boneless chicken breasts were less expensive!) Has anyone seen them cheaper around town or shall I bear down and buy one of these bad boys?

Also interested which restaurants have rabbit on the menu. Any bunny sightings lately?

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  1. I've had rabbit at La Campania in Waltham, but I don't recall whether it was on the regular menu or a special.

    1. I had good rabbit sausage at the Cafe Fleuri Xmas brunch. I remember the great rabbit pie at Le Soir in Newton Highlands. PRB must have it.

      1. It's on the menu at Vinny's at Night - never had it so eater beware.

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        1. re: Bob Dobalina

          That's one place I've had it and LOVED it. Italians make great coniglio (rabbit stew).

          1. re: yumyum

            via matta has a rabbit roulade which is a good app

        2. Sulamona Meat Market in the North End has rabbit, reliably. However I think it costs about $5/lb as well.

          Sulmona Meat Market‎
          32 Parmenter Street, Boston, MA

          1. yumYum. I would love your recipe if you dont mind.

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            1. re: cassoulady

              Sure -- I'll post over on Home Cooking. It's easy peasy.

              Will link when I get the post made.