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Bunny in Boston

The meat case at the newly renovated Stop n Shop at Wellington Circle had a LOAD of whole rabbits today -- they looked really good. I love to make lapin a la moutarde in the winter but at $4.99/lb they aren't as cheap as they should be (I mean boneless chicken breasts were less expensive!) Has anyone seen them cheaper around town or shall I bear down and buy one of these bad boys?

Also interested which restaurants have rabbit on the menu. Any bunny sightings lately?

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  1. I've had rabbit at La Campania in Waltham, but I don't recall whether it was on the regular menu or a special.

    1. I had good rabbit sausage at the Cafe Fleuri Xmas brunch. I remember the great rabbit pie at Le Soir in Newton Highlands. PRB must have it.

      1. It's on the menu at Vinny's at Night - never had it so eater beware.

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          That's one place I've had it and LOVED it. Italians make great coniglio (rabbit stew).

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            via matta has a rabbit roulade which is a good app

        2. Sulamona Meat Market in the North End has rabbit, reliably. However I think it costs about $5/lb as well.

          Sulmona Meat Market‎
          32 Parmenter Street, Boston, MA

          1. yumYum. I would love your recipe if you dont mind.

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              Sure -- I'll post over on Home Cooking. It's easy peasy.

              Will link when I get the post made.

            2. I do a Rabbit Cacciatore that rocks.

              1. Prezza sometimes has a seasonal pasta with braised rabbit.

                1. Had it at Tomasso last year and it was great. Don't remember the prep. but it was with macaroni. Market Basket has them Whole bunnies @ $18. Waverly Market had them for over $30.

                  1. My DC loved his rabbit meatballs at Eastern Standard several weeks ago (but maybe that was on the Thanksgiving menu).