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Jan 5, 2009 09:52 AM

44&X - 44th & 10th Street, Hells Kitchen

My husband and I ventured to this restaurant recently, at the recommendation of a friend. I was hesitant at first since I knew Hells Kitchen was once (if not still??) a very bad part of the City. The restaurant was only a few blocks from the theatre district, so we figured, "what the heck"! We were pleasantly surprised by this restaurant. It has a modern, crisp decor with a wide variety of menu choices. The restaurant tables are close together, but fortunately, we could hear each other talk! My husband and I split the lobster bisque, which came in a huge bowl ... there's certainly enough soup for two people to share! I had a ceasar salad, and my husband had the iceberg lettuce wedge. Both were very tasty with nice sized portions. I ordered the parmesan crusted tilapia served over a bed of spinach, mushrooms and mashed potatos. The mashed potatos tasted great, but I think they were mashed with an electric mixer - they were were a little rubbery, but good nonetheless. The fish was delicious. My husband had the filet mignon, ordered "medium well", and it was cooked to perfection. Again, portions were very nice. I don't know where we found the room, but we split the pear crisp for dessert. Yummo! All this, with an ice tea and diet coke, and dinner cost us $150 (no alcohol). A little pricey, IMHO, but then again, I'm used to Philadelphia, PA pricing, so perhaps I'm spoiled. The wait staff was very attentive, so there are certainly no criticisms there, either. All in all, I'd definitely go back again, and I wouldn't hesitate recommending this place to others.

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  1. Glad to hear that place is still doing well. I haven't been there in years, but I always enjoyed it when I did.

    I found it too loud though-- all hard surfaces and no carpeting made it deafening each of the 4-5 times I went there.

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      Second that. Haven't been in a couple of years, but I do remeber it being quite good. Glad to hear you enjoyed it.