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Jan 5, 2009 09:42 AM

Chinese Dumpling House (Boulder)

In Boulder we used to have a Chinese Dumpling House that served the purse shaped steamed dumplings, vegetarian and meat and very simple sides, that's it. They were great. I have not been able to find anything like it in the Boulder/Denver area. Any ideas?

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  1. I haven't been, but I hear that Lao Wang Noodle House in Denver (Federal, just south of Kentucky) is a sort of small noodle joint with a variety of dumplings.

    I take it you are looking for a noodle/dumpling specialty shop, not some place that just has an option for dumpling as an appetizer? Sometimes Chinese pastry shops sell steamed dumplings in addition to the pastries, but usually their specialty is the baked goods (and I haven't made it to the one pastry place in Denver). And there are tons of dumpling options at dim sum....

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who fondly remembers the dumpling house in the Waterstreet Shopping Center on Canyon between Folsom and 28th, right?

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        You're not the only one, Claire. I loved that place! A close second to a dumpling joint in Beijing just down the street from the Peninsula, where I stay. The Beijing "branch" has about 50 different versions on the menu for about 75cents per 4 dumpling serving. Not a bad bargain.

      2. Yes, I've been to Lao Wang quite a few times and have never been disappointed (except in the price, and even then it's only expensive compared to most big city Chinatowns). Don't go for atmosphere, but the xiao long bao, kwo tie, and noodles are the best i've found in denver.

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          Thanks, Hungrygirldenver. Lao Wang is now on "the list."

          As for dumplings in Beijing and other Chinese cities, I've bought them from street vendors and always been happy.

          BTW, Hungrygirldenver, I finally clicked on your Chowhound profile y'day and found out you have a blog. There's now a link to it from mine (and I've also put it on my blogroll) -- but no direct E-address, so I'm alerting you (and everyone else who frequents this board).

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            Thanks, Claire, but I stopped blogging quite awhile ago. The demands of a full-time job and a toddler are a bit too much for me to continue!! Thanks anyway.

        2. I miss the Chinese Dumpling House SO much!! In 1997, my friends and I ate there sometimes five times a week. For about $5, you could get 6 steamed buns (we got the vegetarians, stuffed with greens and tofu) and a side (choice of a cucumber salad, sesame noodles, tofu salad, or an amazing potato & vinegar salad with potato that seemed raw)...he also had a noodle soup that was just a few dollars. The owner was named Dave and he was the nicest guy and he'd always share crazy stories about growing up a landowner's son in communist China. His wife was in there a lot of the time, and there was a guy that also cooked named Esau.

          What I wouldn't do to have that place back! I live in NC now and we always talk about hunting Dave down and opening a restaurant with him in Asheville.