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Jan 5, 2009 09:31 AM

Food Talk with Mike Colameco - Off the Air

Not even sure how many folks here were fans, but Food Talk on AM 710 WWOR is no more. It's a shame as Mike was a valuable contributor to the NYC area food scene.

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  1. think he is still on the air on weekends..

    so there is some hope for good food newz!

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    1. re: eatinman

      Thing is I mainly listened to him at work on weekdays. Sundays not so much...

    2. I loved that show! ALl the times he would speak highly about a restaurant, I would find myself there the same day or next! He always had great suggestions. I did not listen this morning, but what took his place?

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      1. re: Angelina

        Food Talk with Michael Colameco
        Sundays 10am-Noon

        1. Fine with me. Used to love him til he became a sell out to all the things he formerly argued against because they advertised on his station.

          1. There is a recent thread on same subject here:


            Firegoat, yeah if you host a show you have to shill for advertisers. It comes with the territory. It's not always a good thing, but if that's what the host has to do to survive, I can live with it. Mike Colameco was a small fish just trying to stay alive in the pond. I don't begrudge him a few endorsements.

            Much worse offenders IMHO are: Rocco DiSpirito the patron saint of selling his soul and anything that may come with it; Tom Collicchio and Top Chef (product placement, product placement, product placement); and Martha "It's A Good Thing To Fatten My Bank Account" Stewart and Ray Ray with her EVOO and own line of products.