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Jan 5, 2009 09:23 AM

Charm City Cafe...yummy sandwiches, salads, & soup

A new cafe opened in Overlea/Fullerton (in the shopping center that houses Blockbuster, Amer's Cafe, and a host of other places). It's called Charm City Cafe, and I had the best sandwich that I've had in years there. It was called the Canton Smoke and it included smoked turkey, cheddar cheese, homemade corn salsa, avacado, tomato, and homemade chipotle mayo. The portion was more than generous, the atmosphere was very comfortable, and the price was great! Josh, the man who made the sandwich recently worked at Joseph's in Fallston, a pretty upscale German restaurant. Definitely check it out. I've eaten here twice since they've been open and plan to visit often!

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  1. What perfect timing... I work right down the street and was trying what to decide to do for lunch when I read this. I am eating my panini as we speak. I got the Greenspring Ham Panini. Ham, carmelized red onion, tomatoes, field greens, swiss cheese, and roasted red pepper mayo on a sun dried tomato Ciabatta. I would agree that it is quite tasty. However, I cannot agree on the "generous" portion comment. Perhaps the sandwiches are larger portions. The panini is $7.50 and certainly not oversized. I heard 2 people order the Canton Smoke (same sandwich as the OP, so maybe that's the one to get!)

    All of the sandwiches sounded pretty good.. lots of tasty sounding combinations. I am looking forward to trying the soups as well. They have a Roasted Red Pepper and Gouda bisque that sounds yummy.

    I was also impressed with the space. I was expecting your basic sandwich shop. This has cute cafe tables and a seating area with 2 loveseats and a coffee table.
    Oh, and one other complaint (in case they are reading)... Fresh Brewed Iced Tea please! None of that Lipton Fountain crap! If you are brewing coffee... you can brew tea!

    but I will still be back...

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      They now have a website for anyone who wants to check out the delish menu and get directions! It's