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Jan 5, 2009 09:21 AM

Albanese Meats - Eliz street

It looks quite sparse. How are the steaks. I don't love the meat at Whole Foods. And def not the met. Any other butchers in Ctown / little Italy?

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  1. Why not give it a go and see? When I used to live in that neighborhood 20 years ago it looked almost as sparse as today and the veal was excellent. Unfortunately, old time butchers are a dying breed.

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      Picked up an aged NY strip there last night. Made a great meal, tho not cheap @ $16/lb. Certainly worth it compared to anything at the Met. I'd definitely go back, don't cook steak at home very often so the price is justified IMO.

    2. its supposedly a front

      ive never actually seen it open

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        Regarding the mob front comment. Everything in this neighborhood over 30 years old is rumored a front. I'd think he's probably got a 40 year lease and no desire to shut down. Or the landlord is an old time friend. There are a few buildings left that haven't pushed out everyone who doesn't pay an arm and a leg. But I wouldn't be shocked if someone else interests were helping keep him open.

        Rice to Riches was a $ laundry for the 3-4 years it sat there "under construction". Parisi Bakery does plenty business but I remember in '03 the apt above was raided with 75lbs of marijuana and misc other stuff. Ray of Ray's Pizza on Prince St (the original Rays, tho not in name) went to Jail in '98 for Heroin deals being conducted in the restaurant basement. But they do plenty of business to stay open without the drugs. And until he died last year he was always in and out the place.

        Whatever the circumstance it was a real tasty meal, and the old man was a friendly guy. We had a nice chat about how most people don't know how to cook a steak properly. I'll come back for another $16/lb, it is aged after all so maybe that's not such a bad price. But what do I know.

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          I'll have to go back and pick up something for old time's sake. I loved living in that neighborhood in the mid-late 80's. I was at 26 Prince, across from Ray's. I still walk through there and am amazed every time at how much it's changed. BTW, $16/lb. for aged NY strip isn't bad at all.

      2. There are plenty of butchers in Chinatown. The ones on Grand and Elridge as well as the one inside Dynasty Supermarket come to mind. Jefferey's inside the Essex street market isn't far either.

        1. The butcher (Moe) used to give my dog these ridiculous, Flintstone-sized bones. She would proudly tote them around the neighborhood until we got back home, at which point she would then lay down in the kitchen and rip the things apart. I could have done without the resultant dog farts, but she was always happy.

          The steaks I picked up every now and then for myself were very good, as well.

          Story goes that Martin Scorsese's mother used to live across the street, and would lower a basket down from her window so that meat from the shop could be loaded in and hauled back up.

          1. I've been living the in the neighborhood for almost 5 years now and goto Moe's regularly. He's top notch for red meat, and even though I love his aged steaks, my favorite are his lamb chops. He takes orders for things he doesn't have for pickup a few days later, also (did that for beef tongue, duck, and lamb shoulder).

            Try him out, he's been in business for many years. He's an old school butcher and can be a little slow with moving, but he's very nice, chatty, and helpful with specific recipes and how to cook his meats. He gives my dog bones and scraps everytime, too!

            FYI Across the street there is a "Moe's" butcher shop - that was his father's shop. He's on the "Albanese meats" shop at 238 Elizabeth.

            Another great butcher shop in the area is Jeffrey's at Essex market, whom I goto for poultry and pork-based products. But that's more in LES... I don't really know of anything else in the neighborhood.

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              Yeah I posted above. Ended up getting strip steaks from him and they were great. In fact I was on my way there just now. Been looking for poultry too, too bad everything at essex market closes so early. I can never get there before 6.