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Jan 5, 2009 09:15 AM

Best Sicilian Pizza in Dade/Broward County?

My brother just moved from Chicago and would like to know?

Yes we know about Pizza Rustica, Miami's Best Pizza, Red Coal, Cazola's, etc. All those are thin pizza's and not Sicilian.Please help? thanks

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  1. By Sicilian do you mean the square one? If so in broward check out Pizza Time on nob hill/sunrise.. In Dade you can check out but they dont always have it. (im not sure if it's the best in dade, but i grew up eating it so it is to me! )

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      Never really had a great sicilian slice down here but I did briefly review 2 pizza places in downtown Fort Lauderdale on my lunch blog.

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        You could throw a ball of mozzarella a dozen feet in any direction and hit a pizza place that serves Sicilian style slices in North Broward/South Palm. For the best ones, try Tony's New York Pizza on Palmetto Park east of I-95 in the Publix Shopping Center; Nino's Pizzeria off Palmetto Park and Powerline (Jog), and Pizza Time on Sample Road east of Coral Ridge Dr.

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          The joint johnmlinn calls "Tony's New York Pizza" is actually called "Authentic Brooklyn Pizza". That's what the sign says, and there is a guy named Tony (but he's not mentioned on the sign). There is another place nearby called Tomasso's Pizza & Subs.

          1. re: aynrandgirl

            That's correct - my fault! Authentic Brooklyn Pizza... also featured last night on CBS 12.

      2. Please define Sicilian Pizza.
        Meanwhile I suggest you go talk to Joe
        "The Sicilian".
        16786 NW 67th Ave
        Hialeah, FL 33015
        (305) 557-9496

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          It's thick square pizza you get up in NY. I've seen it down here at a couple spots but drawing a complete blank. I'll post back later.

        2. Steve's Pizza in North Miami sometimes makes it by the slice, but is fairly rare. They do make a whole pie on order, and it was pretty good the last time I had it a few years back.

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            Steve's does have it by the slice, but I'd have it made to order. You can even have them "burn" the cheese, if that's the way you prefer it. They do a great job of burning only the cheese without drying out or burning the crust. The crust is toasty/crunchy too.

            I order it baked normally & "wet", meaning extra sauce.

          2. The original comment has been removed