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Visiting NYC from Chicago during Restaurant Week - Any Suggestions?

We are staying in Tribeca and are willing to go anywhere in Manhattan for great food. I would love to try some of the specials from Restaurant Week if possible. Any suggestions from locals are appreciated!


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  1. Restaurant Week is indeed a great *idea* but you need to be aware of the pitfalls:
    - huge crowds and rushed service (most good places are slammed)
    - restaurants that cut corners (i.e., only two choices per course -- chicken and fish, none of the signature dishes, etc.)
    - getting shut out of reservations since you didn't call 28, 30, or 31 days in advance
    - the *really* high quality and popular restaurants usually do not participate
    - restaurants that already have a prix fixe deal that is in that price range (Devi, Tocqueville, etc.)

    I've always had a good experience at any Danny Meyer restaurant like Gramercy Tavern, Eleven Madison Park, Union Square Cafe, etc. As well as restaurants that typically don't have a large lunch crowd but are popular for dinner.

    Do a search on this board, you'll find lots of RW reports from past seasons.

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      Dont know if they are participating in restaurant week, but Croton is fabulous.

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        I think you mean Corton, and they are not participating.

    2. I just made a reservation at Anthos.

      I went to the Modern during this past summers Restaurant Week, based on recommendations here and I thought it was very, very good, all choices off their regular menu and some special RW wines by the glass.

      I actually ate at the Bar room, but the listing on Restaurant Week this year just says the Modern, which if it were the main dining room, would be awesome.

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        That's too bad about the Bar Room, if it is indeed the case that they will not participate.

        We've done only a few during RW, for the reasons that kathryn cited above. On a couple of occasions, we actually ended up ordering from the regular menu. However, The Bar Room, which we've done on 2 occasions, was always an excellent treat for the money.

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          about how much does the bar room cost pp, w/out drinks?

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              the menu says that dishes in list 1 and 2 are appetizer sized, and list 3 are half entree sized. I am not sure about the difference between an appetizer and a half-entree, but it seems that 1 has the smallest dishes and 3 has the largest.

              Does each diner generally order 3 courses plus desert or could two of the smaller items be enough? There is a lot of range in terms of how much food you could order.

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                2 dishes plus dessert is usually enough if you don't have a large appetite. Sometimes when I go and I'm more hungry, I get two and split a third. Not all dishes are created equal. For instance, the tarte flambee is quite filling because the size is pretty generous.

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                  The half-entree is about twice the size of the appetizer, which, other than the tarte flambee, are just slightly bigger than a tasting portion. For us, the portion sizes are not enough if you go just slightly hungrier than normal, We don't consider ourselves big eaters, but in all our RW dinner at the Bar Room, including last Monday, we have always ordered another dish to share (between my partner and I). Any extras dish will cost you $17.

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              The RW listing on nycgo has it as just "The Modern," with no indication that it is The Bar Room.


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                Yes, but at Opentable.Com its listed as the Bar room. Check it out.

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                  And I called the restaurant surprised that the Dining Room would offer dinner. It isn't offering dinner. The reservationist confirmed that RW dinner is only in the Bar Room.

          1. I've had good experiences at Tribeca Grill and Butter for RW

            1. I am not sure what restauarnts are participating in RW> but Tribeca Grill is consistent and good. Chanterelle in tribeca is good. Bouley also. Wolfgang for steak but Im not sure if they participate. If jean Georges participates that would be my first choice.

              1. I've been to Gramercy Tavern, Anthos, and Devi during restaurant week. The only one I'd recommend (for restaurant week) is Gramercy Tavern. It was one of my favorite meals, period.

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                  GT for RW is very good. Last time for summer RW, they were also giving away gift certificates for the cost of your meal, redeemable for another lunch (I think the offer expired some time in late September). But it always books up the second the books open. Reservations go fast! Even the nice people answering the phone recommend that you use OpenTable.com instead of calling.

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                    Had lunch at GT and it was superb!! Second year in a row there for RW lunch and always impressed. The sea bass was top notch--everything was delicious.

                2. i highly recommend Fishtail!!! I had a wonderful time at lunch today.

                  1. My friend and I (and the three tables around us) LOVED Dovetail's lunch.

                    1. If you can get a reservation at Convivio, really wonderful

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                        agreed! after a disappointing dinner at anthos earlier last wk, i was tempted to cancel my res last night for convivio. i'm glad i did not! the space was actually warmer & more bustling than i expected (from the descriptions/pictures), and the service/ food was quite good. I, of course, chose the pasta (spaghetti), although I wish they had included more pasta choices on the RW menu. my first course, a pane cotto soup, was lovely. my friends all ordered the duck sausage over lentils, which was also good. desserts were simple and not very remarkable. the olive bread that they walk around w/ was fresh and delicious, though.

                        also, they give you one $25 gift certificate per table (we asked for more, and they gave us one more for our party of 4), which is a nice touch. I would def go back to try more of the pastas...

                      2. I had an excellent meal at Townhouse last night.

                        They manage to skirt around all the major pitfalls, making it a great experience. Having had a similarly enjoyable meal at Anthos during a previous RW, I wonder if it has something to do with Donatella's stewardship. I'd be interested in the experiences of those visiting her other spots.

                        We were allowed to dine for over two hours and never felt rushed to finish and more importantly, we were not even able to finish the desert due to the more than healthy portions.

                        The true standout of the meal was the Cavatelli & Braised Short Ribs.

                        The menu from memory:

                        SIMPLE SALAD OF MIXED GREENS
                        BLACK BEAN SOUP
                        PRETZEL CRUSTED CRABCAKE

                        MAIN DISHES
                        PAN SEARED WILD SALMON
                        ROAST ORGANIC CHICKEN
                        CAVATELLI & BRAISED SHORT RIBS

                        CARAMELIZED WARM APPLE TART
                        CHOCOLATE CARAMEL MOUSSE
                        CHEESECAKE LOLLIPOP TREE - $10 extra