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Dragon Fruit in GTA?

I got a dragon fruit at a Metro in Aurora and quite enjoyed it. I've been looking around since and haven't seen any.

Would Chinatown/Spadina be a good place to look? T&T?

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  1. I often see them at the Loblaws at Lower Jarvis - I do not know if there is a specific season for them.

    1. They seem to be available always in the stores in Chinatown on Spadina

      1. I've seen them recently in the SuperFresh on Bloor (block or 2 west of Spadina), the big Chinese grocery store at Spadina and Baldwin (sweet dragon fruit!), and at Hong Tai Supermarket at Sheppard and Victoria Park.

        T&T should be a pretty safe bet.

        1. I've seen them at the T&T on Cherry St.

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            I was there this week. bought two HUGE dragon fruit for $3 or 4. they were quite good.

          2. I've bought it at the Warden/Steeles T&T before.

            1. Second to Chinatown - many of the produce stores in Chinatown carry them. I buy them frequently -- even if it is just to add something different to a fruit tray.

              1. I think the only grocery store around here that doesn't carry them is the local Metro.

                1. I saw some at the yonge/bristol price chopper today at $2.88 a piece

                  1. T&T had them on sale recently for pretty cheap. Cellopacks with two were about $3 or so.

                    1. highland farms in mississauga (matheson road) has it.. what do they taste like? always wondered how the heck you eat one

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                          I don't mind them but the flavour is definitely lacking compared to their appearance.

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                            May cost you an arm and a leg, but I pretty much see them all the time at Harvest Wagon, at Yonge and Summerhill.

                          2. re: tjr

                            i'd argue that.

                            its not as tasty as it appears, but i managed to scarf down an entire fruit on my own today in 10 minutes and wished i had more. it has a third-quenching aspect to it and a subtle sweetness. add in the tiny chewable seeds, and its a really nice fruit.

                            not for everyone - not in your face. but its textures and flavours are really quite nice.

                            1. re: atomeyes

                              i should add that they taste a lot better when eaten chilled.
                              it brings out the sweetness even more and they are really refreshing.

                              1. re: atomeyes

                                I actually like them; I just think they're bland. I eat them chilled, but don't notice much other than the bit of sweetness.

                              2. re: atomeyes

                                The mild sweetness is what drew me to it. I'll have to try chilling some, I notice the Dundas St. W Price Chopper has them too and I'll be in that neighbourhood today!

                              3. re: tjr

                                I have to agree. Gorgeous fruit, boring flavour. They just taste wet and ever so slightly sweet. Get a mango or guava instead.

                                1. re: tjr

                                  Another defence for the flavour! I very much enjoy the subtle floral, refreshing taste. The contrast between the fruit towards the centre versus that closer to the rind is also interesting.

                                  1. re: missmu

                                    agreed, the flavour of the fruit is nice and refreshing. near the centre of the fruit has more flavour and sweeter.

                              4. I've heard from grocers that the cheaper dragon fruits are sold that way because they're the ones that are shipped by boat, so they'll have deteriorated by the time you buy them. also, it'll depend on where they come in from. i do know that you have to pick carefully, cuz there'll be certain ones that have mushy, brownish fruit.

                                i find them to have a nice refreshing taste as well, and they're known to have good beneficial and nutritional qualities, i.e. they're good as a soothing food in the winter when you have dryness and chapped lips and stuff like that.

                                1. Just picked a couple up from my usual place, Richmond Food Mart (Siu Fung) at 7 & Chalmers in Richmond Hill, better than usual. Large, heavy, and plump, very perceptible sweetness. Yes, if you're just gonna get the downtrodden ones on Spadina, you'll probably think they're tasteless and not worth your time.