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Jan 5, 2009 09:13 AM

Dragon Fruit in GTA?

I got a dragon fruit at a Metro in Aurora and quite enjoyed it. I've been looking around since and haven't seen any.

Would Chinatown/Spadina be a good place to look? T&T?

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  1. I often see them at the Loblaws at Lower Jarvis - I do not know if there is a specific season for them.

    1. They seem to be available always in the stores in Chinatown on Spadina

      1. I've seen them recently in the SuperFresh on Bloor (block or 2 west of Spadina), the big Chinese grocery store at Spadina and Baldwin (sweet dragon fruit!), and at Hong Tai Supermarket at Sheppard and Victoria Park.

        T&T should be a pretty safe bet.

        1. I've seen them at the T&T on Cherry St.

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            I was there this week. bought two HUGE dragon fruit for $3 or 4. they were quite good.

          2. I've bought it at the Warden/Steeles T&T before.