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Jan 5, 2009 09:09 AM

French fries sans deep fryer?

I have never made fries before but I would like to know any tips and steps I should know for making perfectly crispy fries without using a deep fryer. Thanks!

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  1. I do them in a regular sauce pot. add about 2-3 inches of oil.

    I use the twice-fry approach. Always keep the potatoe in ice water for and hour before and mercilessly pat dry. Make sure you have a good thermometer. Don't crowd them, as the oil temp drops dramtically as you add the potatoes.

    I fry them the first time at 365 until they are through "fizzing" and getting just lightly yellow.

    Second run through is at 400 until they look done

    And I use big ,old baking potatoes If you buy them 2-3 weeks ahead, they'll be even better

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      hungryabbey, not for any healthy reason but rather for the messiness of oil, I 'fry' my white and sweet potatoes in the oven, at a high heat -- 425 I think.

      I cut them thin and check on them often, letting them get very crunchy. I salt them generously and they're quite tasty.

    2. thanks for the advice. Will the same approach work for sweet potato fries?

      1. My lazy fries recipe:

        Scrub potato
        Cook in microwave 2 minutes
        Turn broiler to Low (or on, if you don't have a choice)
        Cut into wedges carefully (keeping skin in palm so as not to burn oneself) and put on broiler-friendly pan (we use a cast iron skillet)
        Spray with olive oil (Misto or garden mister); if no sprayer, drizzle as evenly as possible
        Sprinkle sea salt, pepper; add rosemary first rubbed in palms
        Broil for 1-2 minutes; check & turn to other side with tongs
        Broil 1-2 minutes


        1. Belive it or not, my go-to method for cooking fries is to start them in cold oil in a cast-iron skillet covered in oil on med-high heat. This is known as the Rubuchon method (link to another thread below). Cook until a nice golden brown. Do they absorb oil? Nope.

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            I do them in the oven. Julienne to the thickness you like. Toss in Canola oil, salt liberally spread on cookie sheet, in single layer. Cook at 425, turn once when the first side is crispy. they take about 10-20 mins. depending on size. they are not uniform like deep fried, but they are yummy.

          2. I just made some duck fat potatoes this weekend and loved them so much I made it 2 more times in less than 30 hours. I used about 4 tablespoons of duck fat in a medium-small skillet and 1 medium and 1 small Yukon gold potato each time. Cut the potatoes, soak them in cold, salted water (changing the water once), heat the oil, add the potatoes after draining them, and cook until golden brown, stirring every couple of minutes to make sure all the sides get in contact with the fat. Oh yeah, and lightly salt when done.

            The result is a non-greasy, crispy on the outside and creamy/fluffy in the middle super delicious fry.