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Jan 5, 2009 09:00 AM

Norma's or Sarabeth's?

Looking for some great pancakes/waffles/ french toast and have wanted to try these. Which one is better and what do you recommend from their menus? I want to try to chocolate decadence french toast and wazaa from Norma's. The chocolate banana waffle napoleon sounds good too. I heard the chocolate french toast is more like cake which kinda worries me. I don't want to eat huge pieces of chocolate cake because I can get that anywhere. If it is indeed french toast that is chocolate flavored thats what I want. Can anywhere clarify?

And from Sarabeth's I have heard great things about their lemon ricotta pancakes and fat and fluffy french toast.

SO whats better??????

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  1. There was a recent post/review regarding Norma's that should come up in a search. I don't know about Sarabeth's but I did notice it in my guidebook.

    1. Most definitely Sarabeth's IMHO - Norma's has been so terrible every time I've eaten there that I am actually mad at myself for giving it multiple chances to disappoint.

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          I have seen your breakfast post before. It is amazingly helpful and I definitely want to try every place on your list!!!