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Jan 5, 2009 08:30 AM

How to prevent ugly soup?

I've made a pot of turkey-vegetable-noodle soup, from leftover frozen Thanksgiving turkey meat (light and dark). It's delicious, but all the meat came apart--it is all just strings, very unappetizing--is there a way to keep the meat in nice little pieces?

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  1. Probably not a lot you can do other than cooking at a low heat, and putting in larger pieces of turkey and cutting them up into smaller pieces after its done. Your soup sounds delicious!


    1. I like turkey/chicken a la king, but discovered the hard way that in order to have cubes of meat, I have to make it with cubed pieces of raw poultry, which I add to the pot at the same time as the peas and bell pepper, once I have made the sauce. It only takes a few minutes for the meat to cook through.

      1. Gee, I prefer stringiness to cubes that resemble dice all day long.

        1. You could always strain the soup before adding in fresh/raw replacements, but is that really necessary (particularly if it tastes delicious?).

          1. If you are going to do this again then dice it and put it in at the last minute and only long enought to heat it up. Stew all the other junk turkeyy parts to create a broth to impart flavor if you want it. Don't put that meat/bones in the soup, just the broth.
            I'm doing all I can to use up about two punds of thawed smoked turkey, which is awsomely delicious even if I am breaking my arm saying so. Sandwiches were fantastic.