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Where can I find pork butt?

I'm making pulled pork appetizers for a party of 45 and need to know where to find pork butt. Does Costco sell it?

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  1. Where are you? I just recently bought two nice ones at the Lexington Market.

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      Columbia, but I'd rather not go too far into DC or Baltimore.

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        BJs or Costco do carry it, call to verify daily availablity. Also try Laurel Meat Market.

    2. Yes, and so does just about any grocery store meat department. You can also use a whole fresh (un-cured) ham in a pinch.

        1. I haven't found it at the Springfield Costco but most grocery stores carry it. You could try Shoppers Food for better prices. But, it's an inexpensive cut of meat as it is.

          1. Yes, both Costco and Sam's sell Pork Butts (also labeled pork shoulder). Great quality and the best prices also. The last I bought was $1.39lb. You should find them packaged 2 butts per package (about 15-16 lbs total). The only difference is Costco cuts out the bone and Sam's does not. Cooked weight should be about 2/3rds of pre-cooked weight.

            1. Doesn't Giant have them on sale this week?

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                  Just came back from Costco in Columbia and they had them for a pretty good price (I wrote it down, but can't find the paper - figures). They had both 'boneless Pork Shoulder' and 'bone-in Pork Butt', since it's one in the same I'm not sure why they choose to label then differently.

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                    Last time I looked, shoulders were not in the same place as butts...

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                      It's a misnomer.
                      The meaty end of the shoulder (front leg of the pig) is called the butt end or often the Boston Butt.
                      The back legs of the pig are legs (not shoulders) or hams (fresh or cured.)

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                        There can be a difference between the bone in and boneless, in terms of pork shoulders.


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                          I was there yesterday as well and didn't see them. Are they along the wall, or in one of the sections in the middle where the chicken breasts are?

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                            They were along the back wall, almost exactly in the middle, just to the left of the rotisserie chickens.

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                              I walked right past it...darn. LOL I'll look again next week. It's so confusing finding things in there since I don't go that often. Thanks!!

                    2. As someone else said, they are on sale at Giant this week (thru Thursday) - $1.69/lb.