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Jan 5, 2009 07:08 AM

Regency Palace Fondue?

Has anyone done the fondue buffet? Any comments? Im interested in taking a medium sized group, and wantot know if its a good idea.


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  1. You mean Hot pot right?

    1. Here's a good review of the place: and it pretty much echo's my opinions but I went there over a year ago. Just recently tried Gold Wonton Seafood hot pot in the NE and it's far superior. Only issue is the lack of service but we were there on a very busy New Year's day and it seemed like there were only two servers to cover the entire restaurant so perhaps it's better on a different day. The food is very fresh and the meat doesn't come out frozen like other places. You do have to pay extra for the premium ingredients so we never tried the other broths/seafood.

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        Golden Wonton is the only decent one I know of in Calgary. They have a few of them in Toronto, and even then, it's not my first choice that's for sure. Might be better off just DIY for hot pot in Calgary.

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          My aunt says that Happy Hill at the top of Centre Street on the east side (806 Centre St N) has hot pot.

          If you go to Lambda, T&T etc to purchase butane, a butane stove, a pot with a divider, you can have hot pot in your own home. T&T has a lot of ingredients that are fresh and pre-sliced so that you can plop them on a serving plate at your table and start hot pot in minutes.