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Jan 5, 2009 06:38 AM

New to Midtown East

I'm staying at the Radisson Lexington, midtown east, with my boyfriend late January. we are complete newcomers, from England, so I would love some ideas on where to eat!
We are looking for cheap and cheerful, under $30 each for an evening meal including taxes and tips. However it will be my birthday so one night we are going to spend a bit more, I would say around $60 each. I need some help from you guys because Im totally lost with this planning!

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  1. You'll find delicious, inexpensive Turkish at Sip Sak on 2nd Ave between 49th and 50th. Enjoy your visit!

    1. I lived in that neighborhood for eight years.

      Sip Sak is good, as is Taksim, up on 55th and 3rd.

      Other good places:
      Luna Piena on 53rd just west of 2nd.
      Manchester Pub, 49th and 2nd.
      Montparnasse and Bateau Ivre on 51st just west of 2nd.

      If you want to spend a little more, you should check out Jubilee on 54th between 1st and 2nd... get the mussels.

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        I'm still in the neighborhood, and prices at all of these restaurants are up a good bit since you were here. You can't do dinner "out-the-door" for $30 at any of them. The prix fixe at La Mangeoire, La Mediterranée, Cibo and others are all about $35. now, without tax, tip, and drinks. For Chinese, Panda at the corner of 54th and 1st Ave. is still a bargain and will fit the budget, Entrées at Ali Baba (Turkish) at 49th & 2nd Ave. range from $16. - $24. Entrées at Pasta Presto (2nd Ave. @ 51st St.) range from about $13 - $19. Again, you have to add almost 9% tax and tip as well as drinks (with tax and tip). You can do really well at Angelo's Pizza (also wonderful salads and good pasta) at the corner of 55th & 2nd Ave.

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          i second Montparnasse...nice place for a mellow glass of wine and snack...

        2. Be sure to try the brownies as Bruce's Cupcakery 57th and 1st.

          1. I agree with SipSak (get the Greek salad and the vegetarian platter, only about $13 each and amazing), Bateau Ivre (mussels are like $22 and definitely are enough for two), and there's a new Thai place on 51st that's BYOB...I believe it's just called Thai51. for a bit of a splurge, Yama on 49th between 1st and 2nd is nice sushi.

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            1. re: Sophia.

              I second the recommendation for Yama. I've never been to this location, but it's always been one of my go-to sushi places.

              1. re: MaryishSally

                i've never been to that location either, but Yama's are almost universally criticized here as bad sushi...usually a Yama location closing elicits a cheer on Chowhound...

            2. Thanks everybody for your brilliant help