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Jan 5, 2009 06:36 AM

Nava Thai in Wheaton open again!

DH was driving through Wheaton this weekend and saw that Nava Thai is once again open. It's around the corner from the old location, near Price and Fern. Apparently the new location looks great--can't wait to go again. So glad they stayed in the area.

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  1. Just had lunch there/ Arrived at 11:30 and was only one of 2 tables. Larb, Som Tum and Mixed Seafood with Chili Paste were all superb and brought out quickly. A great first visit to the new digs.

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    1. re: deangold

      We had a different experience on Saturday. See my post under "Exciting news about Nava Thai."

      1. re: shellymck

        I had the same experience as Dean on Sunday....and virtually the same meal. The Som Tum was as always and the stir-fried mixed seafood in chili sauce was sublime. Both came out with no delay.

        But I was also part of the Saturday difficulties. I got the Som Tum fairly quickly, then waited 45 minutes for the main. I chalked Saturday up to major growing pains and was happy that I''d brought something to read, but some were not so patient. The staff was doing the best they could under some pretty trying circumstances. Kudos to all at Nava Thai for recovering so well.

        My biggest fear--that the food would be compromised by the larger demands of serving a larger space--seems to have been unfounded. IMO, this is still the best Thai food around.