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Jan 5, 2009 06:26 AM

Bombay Garden - East Brunswick

I went here for the first time this past weekend as we had heard good things about the food there, but not so much about the service.

I have to disagree- the service was very good (especially the manager who was very friendly) and it seemed like a very down home personal atmosphere and all of the food that my wife and I got, as well as the other couple, were all quite good.

I was a little upset they were out of the lobster special but will try to order next time I am in if it is on the menu.

I was wondering what others thoughts had been on this place for those that may be regulars?

Eagerly looking for a new stand-by Indian restaurant with the closing of Piquant in New Brunswick and the horrible service by Masala Kitchen on Rt 9 in Manalapan.

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  1. Not sure where you live but you may want to try Tandoori E India in Oakhurst.


    We use to live in EB and have eaten at Bombay many times. The food at Tandoori is just as good and the prices are very reasonable.

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      Thanks for the info. I am familiar with the Oakhurst area, I actually live in East Brunswick (very close to Bombay).

      I also want to hit what appears to be India food alley around Oak Tree Rd in Edison, not sure which to try first.

    2. I work nearby in South River. I used to go there a lot when the Lunch Buffet was $8 (used to walk out with $10 tax and tip). Now they raised it to $10 before T&T, and the variety was cut (no salads), but the food quality is still superb. Good variety...at least Tandori Chix with another chicken casserole, AND a lamb dish, plus one or two veggie dishes.

      Wish I had some lettuce and cukes to put the mint chutney on, thou.

      And also a few stores to the left is a very good pizza place, Brothers Pizza. Good alternative.

      1. Wasn't as thrilled with the takeout as I was when I got the food fresh in-house.

        1. Bombay Gardens in East Brunswick NJ is Very Good and has been here awhile. I have never eaten at the restaurant, always take out. They have Amazing Chana Masala - (Chick Peas in a spicy sauce) Vegetable Biryani (Rice with Vegetables) - Chicken Tikki - Paper Masala Dosai (Indian Crepes) and Paratha (Butter fried bread) all very Yummy! I also loved the Vegetable Utappam (Veggie Pancake) and Aloo Baingan (Potatoes and Eggplant) during our last visit. Their Naan is good but nothing beats fresh hot naan in a restaurant. If you cannot get to Oak Tree Road in Edison then this is a great choice.

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            Interesting you say that. My wife and I are interested in trying out Oak Tree Row of Indian restaurants but don't know which one to choose.

            Which would you suggest for a first attempt?

            1. re: yankeefan

              One more thing, I was thinking about it and thought you should read this Wiki link.

              It will better explain the foods of India than I could in this thread which should help you make a dining decision.

              One thing for sure their desserts are SWEET!

              The sweet shop next to Ming and Moghul Restaurants in Edison called Mithaas www.mithaas.net.

              It is a quick bite place with amazing desserts.
              This place has good food, funky but casual interior and inexpensive.

              A random side note(Watch when your walking if it is raining - for some reason the concrete outside this place is very slippery


              Happy Eating!

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                Yankeefan, there are many, many threads on this board that discuss Indian restaurants in Iselin and Edison. Just do a search using the keywords, "Iselin" and "Indian", and you'll pull up a lot of them.

                One of my favorites is Rasoi II, on Oak Tree Road, not far from Moksha. There is also a wonderful vegetarian restaurant in downtown Iselin but I'm afraid I can't remember the name.


              2. re: shabbystorm

                Unfortunately Bombay Gardens has closed, its food was excellent. A new Indian restaurant has taken its place, I do not recall the name, it is named for the owners daughter. We have eaten there twice, and it is good, worth visting. I still prefer Bombay Gardens, however am hopeful that will change as my taste buds adapt to the new place.

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                  It's called Noor Gardens and it was briefly covered in a previous Bombay Garden tread.

              3. I am going to try Moshka on Oak Tree Road this week.

                We have been to all of the other restaurants in this family and have been extremely happy with the food. Here is the information


                These are higher end restaurants.

                Other than these, when you are feeling adventerous and want something less formal, you will see that there are numerous places on Oak Tree Road to pick up Indian snack foods, stuffed breads, stuffed puffed pastry, Dosai.

                Also have enjoyed for Indian Food in the area at

                Masala Grill
                15 Chambers St
                Princeton, NJ 08542