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Jan 5, 2009 05:32 AM

NYC chower needs your help! Large group breakfast and drink options downtown Seattle

A large group of girlfriends will be descending on downtown Seattle for a brief visit this weekend. I'm hoping to find some good options for breakfast on Saturday and then for drinks / light fare on Saturday night.

I need places that won't be fully overwhelmed with 10 or 12 people coming in, that can handle us without a reservation (even if it means some waiting), but are still delicious if not fully Chowish, and more Seattle than tourist. Walkable from downtown/market/hotels area. The drinks option could be anything from a cafe with a nice bar to a hotel bar to a jukebox joint with a good bartender.

Any ideas that fit the bill?

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  1. That many people, downtown, and no reservation? Dim sum at O'Asian.

    Drinks, depends on the time - if you're drinking in the evening, Zig Zag.

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    1. re: terrier

      Definitely evening for the cocktails. Thx for your rec.

      As for breakfast, I'd definitely prefer table-service, but maybe even a more casual counter-service option would work? Another option is to split into 2 6-top groups.

    2. One of my favorite places downtown for breakfast on the weekends is Cafe Campagne in the market. But with a group that size, I'd call ahead if you can, even if it's just that morning.

      1. Lola for breakfast and Brasa for drinks light food

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        1. re: natalie.warner

          Lola is my favorite breakfast downtown but there's no way they could handle 10 people without a reservation. I don't think they could even handle 2 six-tops.

          1. re: terrier

            Boat Street for breakfast - belltwon may be a little out of the way, but managable

            zig zag for drinks.

            1. re: bluedog67

              Zig Zag sounds great. In case it doesn't work out though, any ideas for a more dive-y type of bar with a low-key vibe and good prices?

              Thanks so much for the tips thus far!

              1. re: littlewilson

                The Nite Lite on 2nd between Stewart and Virginia is about as divey as it gets in the downtown area. It is unique, though.

        2. How about Steelhead Diner for breakfast/brunch (opens at 11). It's a pretty big room so your group size should be manageable, but I'd give a quick call before you head in.

          I agree with Zig Zag, but per your last q, there aren't very many dive-y spots right in the heart of downtown, alas. Maybe the Green Room at the Showbox Market. A couple other options for drinks Sat night; Purple Wine Bar (lots of food options here too), Alibi Room, Marcus' Martini Heaven in Pioneer Square (not for food.) Good hotel bars: Oliver's (Mayflower Park Hotel), the Four Seasons or the W. None of those are bargains though. Could consider the "musicquarium" lounge at the Triple Door (under Wild Ginger)--fits the bill for food, drinks and space for a group, but the service was abysmal last time I went.

          Enjoy your visit to Seattle!