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Jan 5, 2009 05:26 AM

It all started with chicken liver.

A possible budding romance began with a conversation about chicken liver. I know that the Franklin Cafe used to have an incredible chicken liver dish but there is no mention of it on their website. As someone who loves it and someone who has never tried it, where is the best place to go in Boston/Cambridge?
I have composed a little list that may suit the bill for this Saturday night extravaganza: Toro, the Franklin, Green Street, Hungry Mother, ES, and Rendezvous. Even if the ultimate quest of new found love is broken, where will I still be happy with the food and my chicken livers?

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  1. It's back on the Franklin South End menu (and still terrific, one of my favorite apps there).

    I don't recall if it's also on the Franklin Southie menu, but that venue might be closed for a little while.

    1. The Blue Room has a generous app of them: "sauteed chicken livers, swiss chard, pine nuts, golden raisins, balsamic beurre $9 that we really like.

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        This sounds yummy! It's making me hungry now.

      2. I haven't tried the dish myself, but Highland Kitchen serves a chicken liver omelette for Sunday brunch (and in my opinion, Joe makes the best Bloody Mary in town), should you need some hair of the dog. Or chicken.

        1. My favorite primo at Trattoria Toscana in the Fenway is their fegatini crostini, a Tuscan chicken liver pate (the nutmeg adds the most amazing extra layer of flavor) served on toasted bread.

          The rest of the menu ain't half bad either.

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            It's true, those crostini are out of this world. Though I'm loving the sound of that app at the Blue Room too: that sounds like it would taste amazing nestled next to a simple pasta in cream sauce.

          2. Higaditos Mexicanos is an outstanding spicy chicken liver appetizer at Sol Azteca in Brookline. Unfortunately it's about the only really outstanding dish on the menu, but they will bring you an entree-sized portion if you ask.